Salesforce Well-Architected Framework: Salesforce has become a major player in the cloud technology space, revolutionizing how companies run and interact with their clientele. Salesforce stands out in part because of its dedication to a well-architected platform.

Salesforce Well-Architected Framework

This blog post explores the nuances of the Salesforce Well-Architected Framework, providing information on its tenets, advantages, and applications for enterprises looking to create reliable, scalable, and long-lasting solutions.

What does “Well-Architected Salesforce” mean?

  • The work of SF product teams and implementation specialists from around the ecosystem is what makes Salesforce Well-Architected. The Architect team aims to make Salesforce Well-Architected feel like another, more seasoned architect in your network, complete with suggestions and stances you can rely on to support your ideas.
  • Salesforce Architects can develop architectures that are dependable, simple to use, and flexible with the help of Salesforce Well-Architected’s guidelines and tools.
  • The result of the combined efforts of Salesforce’s product teams and implementation specialists from throughout our ecosystem is Salesforce Well-Architected.
  • The architecture team wants Salesforce Well-Architected to feel like an extra knowledgeable architect in your network, providing advice and dissenting opinions to support your concepts.
  • Salesforce Architects can create designs that are dependable, easy to use, and flexible with the help of Salesforce Well-Architected, which provides a plethora of tools and advice.
  • This covers a broad spectrum of subjects, such as organizational security, session security, data security, legal compliance, ethical standards observance, and guaranteeing accessibility for all users.
  • Using the best practices described in Salesforce Well-Architected, architects can create solutions that protect confidential data and inspire confidence in stakeholders.
  • The emphasis on quick value delivery is found in Ease, the second pillar of Well-Architected. Simple solutions are made to make things easier, automate chores, and give users interesting experiences.
  • During the design process, architects can provide solutions that are simple to comprehend, easy to maintain, and easy to improve over time if they prioritize simplicity, maintainability, and intentionality.
  • Adaptability, the third pillar, is all about designing architectures that can change as the business does. Resilient and modular, adaptable solutions let organizations adjust to shifting demands and shifting market dynamics.
  • When considering critical elements like incident response, continuity planning, and application lifecycle management, resilient solutions exhibit remarkable flexibility in change management.

Advantages of the Salesforce-Well Architected

Ideally Designed for Efficient Problem-solving and Enhancement of Performance

  • Overcoming Typical Obstacles: With Salesforce Well-Architected, architects can efficiently recognize and address typical problems in architectural design. Improving Latency Guidance on optimizing latency is provided by the Performance behaviour in the Reliable pillar. This includes situations where users claim sluggish performance and irrelevant data in a particular report.
  • Different Reports for Different Objectives: It is recommended that architects provide diverse reports for different purposes to ensure effective data presentation and decision-making.

Ensuring Resilience and Testing Strategy

  • Production Performance Problems: Salesforce Well-Architected helps architects deal with problems or breakdowns that arise as a solution moves from test settings to live environments.
  • Developing an All-Inclusive Testing Approach: The Application Lifecycle Management pillar’s Resilient behaviour suggests developing a comprehensive testing plan.

Streamlining Code and Enhancing Efficiency

Code Refactoring for Optimization: To improve throughput and boost solution efficiency, Salesforce Well-Architected offers recommendations on code refactoring methods.

Bulkifying DML Statements: To increase efficiency and lessen constraints, architects are urged to rework code by bulkifying DML statements.

Planning for Scalability and Optimizing Queries

Scalability Advice: Salesforce Well-Architected offers advice on scale planning to help architects solve scalability issues.

Refactoring SOQL Queries: To increase performance and decrease the overall number of queries issued, architects are urged to restructure SOQL queries using SOQL For Loops.

What’s in this release?

Salesforce’s Prescriptive Architecture Advice We’ve published a number of white papers in our inaugural release, grouped around the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform’s Trusted, Easy, and Adaptable architectural principles. 

The following is an arrangement of the topics:

You’ll find a range of viewpoints in the white papers regarding what constitutes excellent architectural thinking on a certain subject and how to include specific functionality into your solutions. In addition, we offer sample patterns and anti-patterns that you may search for in your documentation, code, org, designs, and more. Finally, there are summaries of Salesforce’s tools and resources that are pertinent to a specific subject.

Trusted: Protect business & stakeholders

Trusted solutions safeguard stakeholders and businesses. A thoughtfully designed solution to be Trusted is safe, obedient, and trustworthy.

Secure solutions safeguard data and manage access. Subjects covered in this section:

  • Security within the organization
  • Security of sessions
  • Data safety

Compliant solutions adhere to moral and legal requirements. Subjects covered in this section:

  • Respect for the law
  • Moral guidelines
  • Availability

Reliable solutions perform effectively and consistently. Subjects covered in this section:

  • Accessible
  • Scalability 
  • Performance

Easy: Provide value quickly.

Easy modifications produce results quickly. A well-designed, Easy solution is straightforward, automated, and captivating.

In engineering, the Simple solutions take the most direct route. Subjects covered in this section:

  • Readability
  • Reliability
  • With Intent

At scale, Automated systems achieve goals and objectives more quickly. Subjects covered in this section:

  • Reasoning
  • Data consistency
  • Commercial worth

Engaging solutions increase user happiness and adoption. Subjects covered in this section:

  • Streamlined 
  • Beneficial

Flexible: Change as the business does

Flexible solutions change as the company does. Resilient and modular, an adaptable system is well-architected.

Resilient solutions adapt well to change. Subjects covered in this section:

  • Response to an incident
  • Planning for continuity
  • Lifecycle management for applications

Composable solutions are more stable and adapt faster. Subjects covered in this section:

  • Division of responsibilities
  • Cooperation
  • The ability to package

The Structure of Well-Architected

a proper order of importance for architectural thought. The framework consists of several white papers that demonstrate each behavior, such as:

  • Prescriptive advice
  • Taking into Account
  • Patterns to observe
  • Avoid anti-patterns
  • Relevant resources & tools from Salesforce

In summary

When it comes to maximizing the potential of the Salesforce platform, organizations can use the Salesforce Well-Architected Framework as a guide. Following the guidelines of operational excellence, security, dependability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization helps companies create solutions that are scalable, robust, and economical, helping them succeed in the rapidly changing digital market.

Accept the Salesforce Well-Architected Framework to make your Salesforce implementation reach its maximum potential. The Salesforce Well-Architected Framework is a mindset that promotes a proactive, strategic, and all-encompassing approach to developing and managing Salesforce solutions.

It is not just a collection of rules. Businesses can foster an atmosphere where innovation flourishes, risks are minimized, and the full potential of Salesforce is utilized to propel success in the constantly changing digital marketplace by investing in well-architected principles.


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