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What is Salesforce Admin???

Salesforce has grown tremendously in the last couple of years and its still going at an exponential rate.By 2018, Salesforce will create 1 million jobs and will generate $272 billion in GDP. Because the Salesforce is growing, new careers opportunities have been introduced in the salesforce ecosystem. Now we need not only salesforce admin or

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Difference between Profile and Permission Sets ?

One profile can be assigned to multiple users. But one user can’t have more than one profile at a time.But in the case of permission sets, One user can have multiple permission sets at a time, and also one permission set can be assigned to more than one user. When you should choose Profiles ???

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Guide to salesforce certification for beginners:

These are the most common questions students ask: First one is What skills I need to become a Salesforce Administrator??? and the Second one is Which certification should I start with Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Developer??? After seeing these questions for a while now, I thought of writing this blog post to answer these questions

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How to manage User permission in Salesforce?

User permissions are used to specify what tasks and what features users have access to.There are multiple options for User permissions available in Salesforce. For example, if a user has “View Setup and Configuration” permission then user will be able to view setup Pages or if user has  “API Enabled” permission then user will be

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How to create a salesforce developer account ?

If you want to learn Salesforce, then you need to have a developer account to play with. Good news is that developer account is free of cost and its not a trial version, so it won’t expire in 30 days. Steps to create your free  Salesforce developer account?? Step 1:  Go to Step 2:

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Admin 201 Certification Questions and Answers

Will data be lost in a Custom Field if Data Type is changed to Number from any other Data Type? A) Yes B) No On Lead Conversion a Lead Object Custom field cannot be mapped to Which Object custom field? A) Account B) Contacts C) Case D) Opportunity Dashboards can be created by using Standard

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What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is a point and click application development which does not require any programming or development experience to build an application. What is Salesforce???? is a cloud company which is head-quartered in San Francisco, California. It’s revenue comes from a product name customer relationship management. Its also called as salesforce C.R.M. As of 2015,

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