Will data be lost in a Custom Field if Data Type is changed to Number from any other Data Type?
A) Yes B) No
On Lead Conversion a Lead Object Custom field cannot be mapped to Which Object custom field?
A) Account
B) Contacts
C) Case
D) Opportunity
Dashboards can be created by using Standard Reports as Source Reports?
A) True
B) False 
Which tool should be used to Import more then 65000 records in
A) SFDC Import Wizard
B) Data Loader
Which of the following is NOT a Standard Functionality?
A) Email to Lead
B) Email to Case
C) Web to Lead
D) Web to case
Which of the following is Not a Mandatory Field while creating a User Record?
A) Profile
B) Role
C) Alias
D) Community Nickname
What is the Impact on a User of the Organization level Locale Changes?
A) The default Locale of the user is also set to the new Organization Level locale
B) The User is asked for a Choice; if he would like to choose New Organization Locale or his own Locale
C) No Impact on the User as he keeps using his own default Locale
D) From a new session, user will see everything in the New Organization Locale
Which Feature is not available in ?
A. Profile based Login Hours
B. Profile based Login IP Ranges
C. Organization based Login Hours
D. Organization based Login IP ranges
For how many days deleted records are kept in the Recycle Bin?
A. 15
B. 30
C. 45
D. 60
Which of the following is the best way to make the Field Mandatory for everyone?
A. Page Layout
B. Validation Rule
C. Roles & Profiles
D. Field Level Security
Which of the following is not a Standard Application?
A. Service
B. Sales
C. Call Center
D. Community
E. Marketing
Which of the field types cannot be used as an External Id?
A. Text Field
B. Number Field
C. Picklist Field
D. Email Id Field
Which of the following cannot be on the controlling side of the Dependent Picklist?
A. Checkbox
B. Custom Picklist
C. Standard Picklist
D. Multi Select Picklist
On Lead Conversion, the Close Date of the newly created opportunity is automatically set to?
A. Blank
B. Today ()
C. Last Day of Current Quarter
D. Last Day of Current Month
E. Last Day of Current Year
Which of the following profile permissions will enables the User to edit any record, regardless of the Sharing Model?
A. Customize Application
B. View Setup and Configuration
C. View All Data
D. Modify All Data
E. None of the Above
Can an administrator change the profile settings of the Standard Solution Manager profile?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Depends on the Setting of the Administrator profile
Queues cannot be created on which Object in
A. Lead
B. Case
C. Account
D. Custom Object
Which of the following is not a valid business process in
A. Sales Processes
B. Marketing Process
C. Lead Processes
D. Support Processes
E. Solution Processes
What is the significance of Primary Master – Detail Relationship in a Junction Object?
A. Look and Feel is inherited from Primary Master Object
B. Record Ownership is inherited from Primary Master Object
C. No such Significance
D. Both A & B 
What happens when you delete an object that is related to a junction object by a lookup relationship?
A. The junction object is deleted
B. The related fields in the junction object is deleted
C. The master records are deleted
D. The intersection object is deleted
Can the User Records be permanently deleted from the
A. Yes
B. No
C. Depends on Profile Settings of the Administrator
D. User Records can be archived so that they are available on request
Which  of the following objects cannot be imported via the Import Wizard? A. Leads
B. Accounts
C. Opportunities
D. Solutions
Which  of the following is not a Roll Up summary field operation?
D. Count
E. Average 
How many  fields can be enabled for tracking on a custom Object?
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 40
E. None of the Above
Which  of the following is not part of the Profile?
A. User License
B. Page Layout
C. Record Types
D. Field Level Security
E. Roles
How many  Custom Summary Formula Fields are allowed on a single Report?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20
E. No Limit
Is it  possible for a user to see different Set of data in Report and in a Dashboard based on the same Report?
A. Yes
B. No
Which of the following is not an available function in the Formula Fields?
A. HyperLink
B. Substitute
C. RPad
D. Vlookup 
Which  of  the following cannot be used as a source report for the Analytical Snap Shot?
A. Tabular Reports
B. Summary Reports
C. Matrix Reports
D. All can be used
Which  Import functionality of should be used if one needs to import the 30000 Cases in
A. Import Wizard
B. Data Loader
C. Any one of A or B
D. None of A or B
All  dashboard viewers see data based on the security settings of the Running User—regardless of their own personal security settings?
A. True
B. False
How many  custom fields can be created on an object in an unlimited Edition?
A. 100
B. 200
C. 500
D. Unlimited Fields
Which  Type of Reports can’t be used to create groups of data or charts?
A. Tabular
B. Summary
C. Matrix
D. None of the Above
How  many  Roll Up summary fields can be created in the enterprise Edition on a Custom Object?
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. No restriction on no. of Fields
A sales  team is a set of users that normally work together on _________ ?
A. Accounts
B. Leads
C. Opportunities
D. Contacts
E. Cases
Which  feature in SFDC combines a list view and related records into one screen with different frames so that users have all the information they need when interacting with
A. Accounts
B. Asset
C. Console
D.Call Center
E. Campaign
On which  OWD sharing defaults the sharing can’t be defined ?
A. OWD is Private
B. OWD is Public Read Only
C. OWD is Public Read Write
D. Sharing rules can be created on any of the above
What  happens when a user owns an opportunity record but does not have the Read permission on Opportunity Object?
A. He still sees the Opportunity record
B. He is not able to see the Opportunity Record
C. This case can never arise
Account  team is a set of users that normally work together on _________?
A. Accounts
B. Leads
C. Opportunities
D. Contacts
E. Cases
Conditional  highlighting can not be used for?
A. Tabular Reports
B. Summary Reports
C. Matrix Reports
D. None of the Above
You can  use conditional highlighting for summary and matrix report only
A. True
B. False
Which  of the following is an automated process your organization can use to approve records in
A. Validation Process
B. Approval Process
C. Workflow Rules
D. Record Types
Which  of the following Email Template cannot be used to send a mass email?
A. Text
B. HTML with Letterhead
C. Custom HTML
D. Visualforce 
Which  of  the following object does not support the Business process?
A. Lead
B. Account
C. Opportunity
D. Case
E. Solution
Which  of  the following does not need business process?
a. Leads
b. Opportunities
c. Contacts
d. Cases
In which  of the following edition you can create a Managed Package?
A. Professional Edition
B. Full Test Sandbox
C. Developer Edition
D. Unlimited Edition
E. Enterprise Edition
Can a user restrict access with the help of the sharing rules?
A. Yes
B. No 
Is it  possible for users to override their own forecasts and forecasts for users below them in the forecast hierarchy?
A. Yes
B. No
With  sharing rules one can make automatic exceptions to the organization–wide default for defined sets of users.
A. True
B. False
An opportunity  that reaches the threshold with 80% probability will trigger additional alerts if the probability subsequently goes higher to 85%.
A. Yes
B. No
C. Depends on the Settings
Which  of the following feature allows you to send an email when an opportunity reaches a threshold value?
A. Validation Rule
B. Big Deal Alert
C. Opportunity Alert
D. Big Ticket Email
Conditional  Highlighting only applies to the first summary field column in the table?
A. True
B. False
Unmanaged  packages do not include locked components but can be upgraded?
A. True
B. False 
Auto  Response rules work on which objects?
A. Leads and Cases
B. Leads and Accounts
C. Accounts and Opportunity
D. Account and Cases A
Escalation  rules only run during the business hours with which they are associated?
A. True
B. False
Customizable  Forecasting is a prerequisite in order to enable territory management?
A. True
B. False
Can  a user create his or her own Default Sales Team?
A. Yes
B. No
How many  Solution records can be imported via Import Wizard?
A. 500
B. 5,000
C. 50,000
D. Solution Records cannot be imported via Import Wizard
On which  of these areas Data Validation rules are enforced but no feedback is given to users?
A. Lead Convert
B. Record Merger
C. Web–TO–Case
D. SalesForce Mobile
E. Self Service Portal
To email  a report to other users, the report must be in a public folder with access granted to the other users?
A. True
B. False
When a  field is deleted from the pagelayout, does it is also deleted from the Object?
A. Yes
B. No 


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