Salesforce is a point and click application development which does not require any programming or development experience to build an application.
What is Salesforce???? is a cloud company which is head-quartered in San Francisco, California. It’s revenue comes from a product name customer relationship management. Its also called as salesforce C.R.M. As of 2015, it is one of the most highly valued American cloud computing company with a market share of fifty billion dollars. The company was founded by former Oracle executive,Marc Benioff.
Salesforce C.R.M. is a product of the company. It’s a customer relationship management tool.
What is customer relationship management ??
It is basically a tool which keeps track of all the customer’s related data, their e-mail addresses, their physical addresses or what kind of products they bought,if they have any issues with the product,is there any service request from the customer, everything related to customers. Without CRM tool, people were using excel  sheets to keep track of there customers,which was getting hard to manage as the numbers of the customers grew.
Salesforce CRM is composed of different clouds: sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, force, chatter and work.
What is Sales Cloud??
Sales cloud manages the contact information. It manages the information of its customers.
Chatter:Chatter is just like Facebook, through which you can talk to people, you can see post, feeds or you can post your comments.
Service cloud includes a call center case tracking feature. If any customer has an issue with the product, he or she can call in and the support center/customer care will create a service ticket to keep track of the customer issues and will try to address it as quickly as possible. is  a platform we use as a developer. We use it to create our own custom application. Salesforce C.R.M. is a cloud based. Cloud based means it doesn’t require any infrastructure to build your application. Creating a salesforce account is as simple as creating a gmail account. platform provide you everything that you need for your application development like database , application server etc.
Why Salesforce C.R.M. is so popular??
There are a lot of CRM tools available in the market like Siebel CRM, People Soft CRM, but why Salesforce CRM is very popular??
The one of the reason the sales force CRM is very popular is because this is a cloud based CRM solution.
Secondly the salesforce is very popular because of the cost. It’s very cost effective all the CRM tools that we talked about, you need to spend a lot of money to buy there licenses. But in case of Salesforce CRM, you pay as you go model. If you have started a company with five people you can buy five salesforce license, you don’t have to buy everything up front you can pay as you go. In future if your company size grows you can buy additional licenses. caters to the need of small to mid size to large organizations.
In my upcoming tutorials, we will create a Recruting application from scratch. is also called as point and click application development, so you don’t need any programming skills to build Salesforce App.


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