Salesforce has grown tremendously in the last couple of years and its still going at an exponential rate.By 2018, Salesforce will create 1 million jobs and will generate $272 billion in GDP.
Because the Salesforce is growing, new careers opportunities have been introduced in the salesforce ecosystem. Now we need not only salesforce admin or developers, the careers like the business analyst, implementation consultants have also been introduced on the salesforce platform and also been very successful.
If we talk about the role of salesforce Admin, professionals are not only exploring successful careers as Admin but they are also redefining the role of an Admin.
A salesforce admin is a business leader,they are well informed about how the company operates, they help in connecting different departments together by process automation, which is very helpful in running the business smoothly and efficiently.
Role of a salesforce Admin:
They create amazing tools like easy to use reports and dashboards, workflows and also apps for any project.
In a nutshell below is some areas salesforce admin deals with:

  • Reports and dashboards.
  • List views.
  • User administration.
  • Adding picklist values.
  • Modification of page layouts.
  • Lead & case routing rules.
  • Email templates.

Salesforce admin also keeps salesforce users well trained and educated, they help in solving complicated business problems and keep projects going.

What is the market demand for Salesforce Administrator?
Salesforce Administrators are in great demand. Companies, especially in US and India, are realizing the potential and value a salesforce Admin brings. And they are seriously investing a lot of time and money.
If we look at the numbers, over the last 12 month,over 3240 job openings are introduced in the US which if growing at a rate of 34%.
The average salary a salesforce admin makes about 88K (in 2014) and the average experiences employers are looking for is from 2 to 5 years?
How do you develop a Salesforce Admin Career?
There are a lot of training available in the market to start preparing for salesforce admin. A lot of video tutorials on youtube available.
For new students, the salesforce admin certification is the first step to start with. Most of the employers are looking for a salesforce admin certification.
With the growing demand of salesforce admin, it’s no longer an accidental career but it is more likely the desired profession.


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