These are the most common questions students ask:

First one is What skills I need to become a Salesforce Administrator???
and the Second one is Which certification should I start with Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Developer???
After seeing these questions for a while now, I thought of writing this blog post to answer these questions for you and I will try to provide you as much information I can so it will help you to take the wise and informed decision.

What Skills I need to become Salesforce Administrator??

You don’t need to be an expert at salesforce to become a Salesforce administrator. If you have the basic skills of process management then you can easily try your hands at Salesforce admin.You don’t need programming skills to become a Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Admin is learning about the out-of-the-box features of salesforce. Its a tool just like Microsoft, so it’s not that hard to learn this tool. If you play around with salesforce tool more and more you will eventually become an expert at it. It’s all about trial and error.
I came across a lot of people who are now Certified salesforce Admin but the common theme across these people are they came from different areas of expertise and none of them had any prior programming or IT industry experience. You just need some motivation and dedication to start with.So if you are thinking, do I have the skills to become a Salesforce admin? then let me tell you, Yes you do have the skills.

Salesforce Certification and Your Career:

Being a certified Salesforce professional is the most important aspect of your salesforce career. Most of the companies are looking for at least a basic certification for all the job postings.And if they have a choice between a non-certified with less salary and a certified professional with more salary, they will always prefer the certified one even that cost them little higher.So quality does matter.So if you have made your mind to get into Salesforce domain, the next step is the certification.
Salesforce offers the wide range of certification to choose from and which certification to start with might get confusing sometimes. Here’s the list of all salesforce certification and the details about each of them

Which certification to go for Administrator Vs Developer Certification ??

The most important certification that salesforce offers is Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer.The Administrator certification is further divided into two certifications: Salesforce Administrator( ADM 201) and Advance Administrator (ADM 211). There is no prerequisite to take ADM 201 certification but to take ADM 211 certification, you have to first pass the ADM201.
There is two developer certification as well. First is Platforce Developer I and Platform Developer II. There is no prerequisite to take Platform Developer I but you need to first clear the Platform Developer I to apply for Platform Developer II.
So far the certification outline is pretty straightforward but the confusion arises when you plan on switching from an administrator to developer. So let’s see what is the difference between Salesforce Admin certification and Salesforce Developer ???

What’s the Difference???

The Admin certification focuses more on the out-of-the-box features of salesforce. For example,it will test you on your knowledge on salesforce security, how to manage users, how to create workflow rules and also how to setup features like Territory management.
You can always download the study guide for any certification from The advance admin also focuses on the similar topics but its more in-depth study of these and little complex as compared to salesforce admin AMD201.
On the other hand, Salesforce developer focuses on testing your knowledge skills about building custom declarative and programmatic applications on the platform.Below is the list of topics that are covered in Salesforce Developer :

  • Design the user interface, business logic, data model and security for custom applications.
  • Develop custom applications using Apex and visual force.
  • Test your knowledge on development lifecycle, from development to testing and have knowledge of the available environments.

Platform Developer II is also to test your programming skills but in little more depth.

What I recommend???

Personally, I recommend that every salesforce Admin should take Salesforce Admin certification to start with . Before getting into programming side you must be familiar with what salesforce offers you out of the box. There is no point of developing something which is already built in salesforce.

How to Prepare for the Certification ?

Before doing anything, head over to the certification section in salesforce and click on the certification you are interested in. Every certification also has a study guide associated with it.The study guide lists down all the topics which will be covered in the exam and also the weight of each topic. Higher the weight of a particular topic means more questions will come from that topic.Now you have an idea about the syllabus of the exam, now you can move to my video tutorials. I have created several courses on different Salesforce certifications ranging from Salesforce admin to Salesforce Developer. Below is the list of some courses created by me:
Salesforce Certification: Get salesforce Admin certification
Learn Salesforce Apex Basic to Advance
Salesforce Lightning framework with Real-time project
APEX Rest Webservice with real time project using Apex
Tons of material is available online which is great and also not so great. I would recommend you to not waste your time in out-of-date content and unnecessary junk in your mind, which is not even related to the certification.So you need to study smartly instead of studying everything which will lead you nowhere. I would definitely suggest you to go through the video course. This course has 8 hours of video content, lot of  assignments to keep you engage,and latest dumps. It’s a bundle of everything you need to clear your exam.
A lot of students in the past got their certification with this course. This is a one-time pay, and if you are not satisfied we have 15 days money back guarantee with no questions asked. Thank you!! I hope that the information I covered in this blog post will be helpful for you. Getting started down with certification path is exciting. I wish you all the very best and if you have any questions regarding salesforce certification or my video course, feel free to contact me at


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