Salesforce is a huge industry in itself that deals with various CRM-related aspects of the business. Moreover, they have a huge employee base that helps in achieving different goals of the clients. This is the reason that every employee needs a specific set of Salesforce Certifications to get the job. Also, this will give an overview of their skills and passion for learning new things.

However, every certification test costs around $400 and needs a lot of devotion. Moreover, some tests can even charge you around $6000 and every attempt will be a burden for you. As per the latest configurations of the company, you need to have a particular certification to get appointed accordingly. Thus, you should be aware of the major Salesforce Certifications that you should get. We will be dividing various certifications according to their priorities and use in the ecosystem.

Different Categories of Salesforce Certifications

Well, we will consider a total of 3 different categories for this purpose.

Category A– The names under this section will have the highest priority in the Salesforce community. Moreover, you can enhance your skills to the next level for a better grasp of the system. Further, it will open new career opportunities for new candidates and even the existing Salesforce employees.

Category B– The employers always tend to look for candidates who have actively participated in these tests. They will have a positive impact on your resume and the company will tend to give you a better chance.

Category C– As we talk about this category, the certifications are not much valued but can provide weight to your profile. Also, you will get detailed information about using different features in Salesforce. Various companies are looking for these skills for their projects.

The remaining Salesforce Certifications can be neglected and don’t matter much. Although, you can think about them if you are looking for something extra. However, you can skip them during the whole Salesforce journey in your career.

Category A

We will put the two most important Salesforce Certifications in this category, Platform App Builder II and Technical Architect. They are the most advanced tests in the industry that can help you attain new heights.

  • Platform App Builder II can get you a job as employers will no longer have to know anything about you. A certificate for the same will be enough to talk about your skills and grasp over the system. It is the toughest certification from the developer’s point of view and there is a huge demand for it.
  • Technical Architect is by far the most valuable certification that you can get your hands on. The best thing about it is that it is a human-graded assignment that increases its credibility. The certification can cost you up to $6000 as the company assigns live judges to monitor your solutions. According to a survey, only a couple of hundred employees were able to pass this certification yet.

Category B

As we move further, the Category B consists of certifications like,

  • Advanced Administrator– It is considered to be an easy certification and is quite beneficial for your job descriptions. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity that will open new gates for you.
  • Platform Developer I– This certification is the lower level of our Category A certification. Thus, you can understand its value from that perspective.
  • Javascript Developer I– The certification just came into play but is in high demand, especially for developers. This will also give you perks outside the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Application Architect– It is quite rare to find someone having this certification, hence increasing the face value. You might be willing to pop this on your resume for better chances in the industry.

Category C

At last but not least, we will talk about the Salesforce certifications in Category C,

Cloud Consultant Certifications can be an appropriate choice for the newbies in Salesforce. You can choose anything from Sales, Service, or Community CC Certifications accordingly. Moreover, it is advisable to get at least two of them for better chances. You might need to look at some additional names like Platform App Builder, Data Architecture, and Deployment Designer.

Tip for First Salesforce Certification

If you are looking for starting your career in Salesforce and are confused about these certifications, here’s a tip for you. It is recommended to get Salesforce Certified Administrator, Platform App Builder, and Platform Developer I. They can be a perfect choice as will boost your confidence as your first-ever Salesforce Certification.

Therefore, make sure to visit our Courses Section and choose different courses as per the requirement. They will help you to successfully pass the certification test on the first attempt.


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