The internet is flooded with several points that will help you to successfully attempt various certifications in Salesforce. However, only some of the candidates are aware of the common mistakes in Salesforce Certification Tests. It is quite important to understand that all the questions present in the exam are unique. They will test your knowledge and other soft skills related to the platform. Also, you will have to learn the basic concepts and get experience in using Salesforce tools. Thus, make sure to go through the following sections of the blog.

#1 Review the Concepts

There is no doubt in the fact that the first step for every Salesforce Certification is the way you prepare for it. If you are planning for the same, you are likely to do some mistakes in the way you review the topics. Many students tend to give a quick follow-up of all the concepts and try to cover a lot of things. The best strategy is to develop a proper plan to clear every concept thoroughly. You should go for the quantity but should focus more on the quality. Further, take short notes of the topics and try to look for the weightage of questions. There are always a couple of topics that get more share of the questions bank while giving the test.

#2 Avoid Aggressive Marking

Once you are sitting in the examination period, there are some precautions that you need to follow. Several candidates often tend to skip some keywords in the question and mark the answers hurriedly. This strategy will backfire on your score as you must read the questions carefully. Even a small word like “NOT” can change the entire answer depending on your preference. Also, there are some more common mistakes in Salesforce certification tests by the students. For instance, candidates don’t understand the aspect asked in the question. This often leads to miss conception of the answer accordingly. Hence, you have to at least read the question twice for the best results.

#3 Elimination of Options

It is commonly observed that students are not aware of the correct answer while giving any certification test. Also, they often mark the wrong answers due to similar wording in the choices present. Therefore, the best method is to mark out the wrong answers straightway that you feel can never be the solution. Next, focus on the remaining two options and go for the most suitable option. This technique will help you to get the right answer with 50% probability instead of 25%. Also, you can have a better chance of scoring good marks in the certification and pass with flying colors. According to studies, choosing a single option from two is advantageous than making a choice from four.

#4 Attempt Practice Questions

There are hundreds of online portals that will help you to solve practice questions on various certification exams. These question sets are carefully examined to give you proper feedback on your performance. Also, you can focus more on your weak points and try to get a better score on the actual test. Moreover, you will have the experience to solve questions within the time limit just like the real exam. This will help you to improve the solving speed and you can test various strategies to attempt. Therefore, go with the most effective strategy and get your dream Salesforce Certification.

#5 Review Answers in the End

This is one of the common mistakes in Salesforce certification tests that most of the candidates do. No doubt that every exam provides a designated time limit for its completion. However, you should always aim for at least 10-15 minutes lesser than the original time. The time that you save during the exam should act as a revision period in the end. Moreover, you can review the marked questions along with the questions that have some ambiguity. This is a proper habit for maximizing the results in any certification exam that you give. Also, you are likely to find some silly mistakes related to some easy questions that will give you free marks.

Final Verdict

In the end, the results are mostly dependent on your overall preparation and performance in the exam. Make sure to follow a timetable to schedule timings for every important topic. Also, avoid the common mistakes in the Salesforce certification test and work with proper planning. We hope that these points will help you to score better and get going with your passion.


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