Salesforce Winter 21 Release

In this blog post, we will talk about the important features and updates which are part of Salesforce Winter 21 Release. The Salesforce Winter 21 release is just around the corner for the coming year. If you are related to them from a long time, you must be aware of the fact that Salesforce provide improvements to the Admins, Developers and Consultants. New features and tools are added to make the user interface more compatible. The title might confuse the beginners that right now we are in summer and Salesforce is talking about stuff related to winter. But don’t you worry, I am  here to clear all of your doubts and concerns related to this.
There is a vast section that you need to focus on, but for the time being we are only concerned with few things. You must be aware of preparing your Sandbox and getting it upgraded once the update hits globally. Salesforce always try to create a better interface for the users. We expect the Winter ’21 update to create a better platform where one can easily manage all the features.
Salesforce Winter Release

Salesforce Winter 21 Release

The foremost thing to understand is that when your production instance will be getting the upgrade. It is quite important that all your main use cases of Salesforce must be in perfect working condition before the Salesforce Winter ’21 release. Although it is just a casual inspection, but you need to make sure that everything is in order.
There is no particular date or time as it will depend on your instance of Salesforce. However, the official dates are September 18th, October 10th & 17th. If you know the instance of Salesforce, directly head on towards Salesforce Trust and tap your instance name and hit ‘maintenance’ option. This will show the exact date on which you can expect the Winter ’21 update for your Org.
Salesforce Winter Release Update

Prepare Sandbox for Winter ’21 Release

The next thing you need to focus on is about your Sandbox upgrade. Knowing about how and when it will get updated is extremely important as it will provide you an opportunity to test your current system on the upcoming release. Also, you can conduct the require changes in your system before the actual update hits globally. In order to have yourself registered for the pre org, click here.
Now talking about the update, there will be a total of two release portals for Sandboxes, depending on your version. For the Sandboxes with “Preview” instance, the update will start on the 11th September whereas for “Non Preview” instance, you will have to wait until 16th October.
Salesforce Winter Release Update

Improvements in Salesforce Winter ’21 Release

You will be seeing a lot of improvements in the upcoming Salesforce Winter ’21 Release. Many people from the community try to find Ester Eggs from the platform that we love. If you are enthusiastic enough to gather information, make sure to visit preview orgs and start hunting. This allows you to discover new features before they get actually released on the global platform. You can easily get you hands over these improvements and harness their power for your interest. This is the best time to try out these features freely as there will be no business impact during this time.
As always, users can also earn the Trailhead Treasure Hunter Badge by posting about the features that you discovered during the hunt! Make sure you have your information commented on this post with the hashtag #Winter21Treasure!
I tried my best to bring you a few of the changes that will be observed in the upcoming update.

#1 Debug Flow by Particular User

Debugging a flow is always an important yet tedious task to be executed. But now you will be able to provide access even to the users to debug a flow. Just enable the ‘User Impersonation’ in the Process Automation Settings and you will be able to debug the flow as any user associated with your org. This makes the debugging process much quicker and easier.This is one of the very powerful feature of Salesforce Winter 21 Release.
Salesforce Debug flow

#2 Regain Deleted Fields

There will be an easy way to get access to the fields that were deleted earlier. A new Deleted Fields tab is added in the Fields and Relationships menu on the top. This makes restoring fields much easier than before. Also, you can select the fields to delete permanently.
Salesforce Deleted Fields

#3 Managing Subscription from Setup

This feature might seem to be simple, but it will be handy in many situations. You can now easily manage your subscriptions from any screen you are working on. Just click on the settings option at the top right corner and tap Subscription Management tab. You will be directed to the checkout. This is also a great feature of Salesforce Winter 21 Release.
Subscription Management in Salesforce
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