How to become a Salesforce Developer?

There is no doubt that a person from any sort of background can approach to become a Salesforce Developer. As per my experience, you just need to have the “determination” factor that helps you to overcome any obstacle. You might know your speed, but many people lack direction for acquiring their goals. In this blog post, I have mentioned Step-by-Step instructions which will make it easy for you to get going on the correct path.
It includes various points that you need to consider and are ranked as per their priority. Make sure that you follow this blog post as it assures almost 100% guarantee of getting your dream job at Salesforce.

Step 1- Have Strong Basis of Salesforce Admin

Before starting with anything else, you must furnish your knowledge of Salesforce Administration. It is quite efficient that you become a good Salesforce Developer along with being a good Salesforce Admin. It is always recommended to have experienced the admin part of this role first. Moreover, spend about 3-4 months preparing for the same and get your hands on the following certifications:

  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder
  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • Sales Cloud Consultant

They will play an important role in building you as a better Salesforce employee. I have wide variety of courses that can prepare you for these certifications. Checkout our Salesforce Admin Certification Course to pass your Certification exam in first attempt. Here is the link to the course:

Step 2- Pass the Platform Developer (PDI) Certification

Salesforce Developer
It is essential for you to clear the Platform Developer Certification as it will cover up any experience lack in your Salesforce Development. It is based on the information regarding Apex, Visualforce and basics of aura components. Passing this certification will be a great demonstration of your learning capabilities and the determination to push your limits.
Accomplishing this achievement will enhance the number of job opportunities opened to you as the employers will start reaching out to you. I have Platform Developer 1 Certification course which is based on the study guide of this exam and you will need just this ONE course to pass your certification exam. This course will save you lot of time and money. Here is the link to the course
This course will be a great resource in your Salesforce Developer Journey.

Step 3- Connect with Local Salesforce Developer Community

This aspect is the one that is neglected by most of the aspiring Salesforce Developers. You must try to connect with some kind of community that features Local Salesforce Developers around you. When you are surrounded by people having a similar type of interest as you, it is very easy to blend in the environment. Moreover, it will be a great learning chance for you from some of the senior developers.
To help you through this phase, attend your first meeting over Salesforce Trailblazer Community. start building a local friend network of Salesforce Developers and learn about their journey. Also, they will precisely guide you through the session as they have already experienced the same situation. This will be a great opportunity for you to get your questions resolved from the professionals!

Step 4-Finding a Mentor

If you don’t belong to a coding background, it will be a hard time getting used to create coding algorithms and write in various languages. You will find it challenging to learn about coding concepts in the beginning and getting de-motivated is a common result. This will however be a temporary phase, say for about 6 months. But you need to somehow survive through that time and get going with your confidence.
This is where the role of a technical mentor comes into play. He will be your guide and help you to understand your mistakes in the code. Also, he will have suggestions to create a better performance code for a particular job. No doubt, this will be an overwhelming situation for you. Once you get used to Apex, LWC’s, and Salesforce, it will be easy for you to debug your codes on your own.

Step 5- Learn From Previous Interviews

This will the most effective point that you must never ignore. Keeping a track of your previous Salesforce interviews will help you a lot. Learning from your own mistakes is the best form of learning. Try to note down the questions asked in the interviews and how you answered them. Come back and analyse them and search for your mistakes. It will precisely let you know about your weaknesses and the areas that you need to improve.
In no time, you will observe your progress in dealing with some of the trickiest questions. Write better answers to the questions that you handled poorly and make extra efforts for them. This process of tracking your mistakes will make you an attractive candidate for the job in no time.

Step 6- Have Faith in Yourself

Nothing can force you to be something if you don’t trust yourself. Having faith in yourself is the biggest virtue that one can possess. Always try to think positive, no matter how harsh the situation is. Failure is the first step in the process of learning. The more you learn, the more you acquire. Overcome your features and tackle your problems on your own. If you are determined to become a Salesforce Developer, nobody can stop you from accomplishing it!


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