Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

Salesforce is of the leading names in the industry right now. Getting yourself placed in this company will be regarded as a great achievement in your career. Many of you asked about some specific certifications that will put weight to your resume. Service Cloud Consultant Certification is something that has a huge regard in the Salesforce community. So, this guide comprises of various aspects that will put you a step forward to get yourself certified as a Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant.
Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

What is Service Cloud Consultant Certification?

A Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification program is initiated for consultants who have a wide experience in executing different Salesforce Service Cloud solutions in a customer-oriented role. This certification exam deals with all major and minor features associated to the Service Cloud. Any eligible candidate must be fully prepared for scenario-based problems as it is the second most popular product provided by Salesforce. Being a Certified Salesforce Consultant, you should at least have 3-5 years of experience as a Senior Business Analyst.

About the Exam

The Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant exam has a total of 60 multiple-choice questions along with 5 non-scored problems. You are supposed to get a minimum of 67% right answers to get going. Some questions can be tricky and might test your deep knowledge about Salesforce. Keep a track of all the latest features including the ones available in either Salesforce Classic or Lightroom Classic.

Key Concepts

Any exam conducted by Salesforce focuses on overall testing of the candidate. It includes various topics having different criteria for passing the exam. Even they have distributed weightings for main topics that has similar implementation. Some topics are expected to take more weightage than others, but all of them will be equally important. The below given topics combine more than 50% of the entire exam,

Topic #1 Service Cloud Solution Design (18%)

As per the name, this section covers all the information about convenient designing solutions for the Service Cloud. The questions will be regarding some heavy-scenarios where you are expected to understand the issue and provide the most suitable solution for it.
Don’t forget to consider limitations and ways to optimise the performance of your design. Make sure to read about products related to Service Cloud such as Field Service Lightning, CTI, and communities prior to your exam.

Topic #2 Implementation Strategies (15%)

A consultant’s role will be in-complete without a proper understanding and implementation of any design plan. One must be fully capable of planning, designing, collecting, building and testing the project without much difficulties. You need to have in-depth knowledge of applying consoles in various situations.

Topic #3 Account & Contact Management (10%)

This topic is related to how well you can insight about the data of people you are associated with. You need to understand the concept of ownership of account & contact records and how they manipulate sales information such as activities and opportunities. It is related to other standard objects in Salesforce that makes is a key to pass the certification exam.

Topic #4 Service Console (10 %)

The Service Cloud Console is all about user interface and its applications. Your opinion about providing user a faster access to various components in Salesforce is considered in this concept. A quick decision will not help you as there are many things that you need to keep in mind. Make sure you are familiar with all the latest functions and services. It will increase your overall performance when you need to implement them in an efficient manner.

How to Prepare?

Knowing just about the medicine names will not heal you, similarly only the concepts will not make you a winner. You need proper way and strategy to pass the exam with flying colours.

  • Always look for more content online to have better grasp over the topics. Video lectures will help a lot to visualise concepts. Several website feature specialised content for Salesforce exams.
  • Salesforce Consultant exams expects you to know about both technical and business value aspects of any product. Thus, you should be aware of all services provided by Salesforce.
  • Follow Trailhead and Dev Org to keep in touch with latest add-one in the services section of Salesforce.

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

Maintain Your Salesforce Certification

As already mentioned, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant needs to be up-to-date about new releases. To ensure this, you need to maintain your credentials by accomplishing Administrator certification maintenance modules on Trailhead. This will keep you updated and you have to complete these for a total of three times in a year. If you fail to complete maintenance exam by due date, you will end up losing your hard-earned credential.

Final Conclusion

The Service Cloud Consultant Certification is a great opportunity for employees who have worked with this product. Even if you are looking for future experiences, there isn’t anything better. It defines skill-set a person possesses and many companies apart from Salesforce and now regarding it as a major strategy. This guide will surely increase your chances and don’t be nervous to give yourself a new beginning.
All the Best!


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