Salesforce Release Schedule: When your production instance will be upgraded to the Salesforce Winter ’24 release, it is the first thing you should know. To make sure that everything keeps working as planned, you must test all of the primary use cases in your organization before this date. Even though there are rarely any significant bugs in Salesforce releases, these tests ought to be done.

Depending on your Salesforce instance, the Winter ’24 release date will vary, however, the primary release weekends are:

  • Sep 2, 2023
  • Oct 7, 2023
  • Oct 14, 2023

You can go to Salesforce Trust, click on the name of your instance, and select “Maintenance” if you already know which instance your production organization is hosted on. This will display the date when your organization will receive the Salesforce Winter ’24 update.

The simplest way to find out your instance if you don’t know it is to go to “company information” under “Setup” in your Salesforce. See our in-depth post on how to locate your Salesforce instance for additional information.

Details about the Salesforce Release Schedule Winter ’24 Sandbox Preview

The second thing you should be aware of is how (and when) your sandbox is going to be upgraded. This is extremely important as this is the first opportunity you will get to test your system on the new release. You can sign up for a pre-release org, but these, of course, will not have any of your configurations.

Salesforce has two release windows for sandboxes, which depend on whether your sandbox is a “Preview” instance or a “Non-Preview” instance. Stay tuned for more information on Sandbox previews, but it looks like most sandboxes will be upgraded on Aug 26th, 2023.

Winter ’24 Advance Order: Salesforce Release Schedule

Pre-release organizations are a fantastic opportunity to familiarise yourself with the new release before it lands in your sandboxes, as was previously discussed. The Winter ’24 update has upgraded those who already have preview organizations, and you may log in to access the newest features.

If you do not currently have a pre-release organization, you can register for a Winter ’24 Organization here.

Notes for Winter ’24 Release

The most awaited date of the Salesforce release cycle is the official “Salesforce Release Notes” date, even though the dates listed above are among the most significant. This is the first look at the new features and enhancements coming to the whole Salesforce product line. The release notes should be available in early August. However, Salesforce has yet to specify when they will be available.

You can read past release notes here, and remember to subscribe to our email to receive updates on our best-release roundup articles.

What’s New in the Release Notes for Salesforce?

Discover the latest additions that improve the usability of the Salesforce release notes. Consider this page to be the release notes for the release notes, and return here with each seasonal release to see what’s updated and new. We also value your opinions!

Learn About Updated and New Features That Are Available in Between Seasonal Releases

More than three times a year, certain Salesforce clouds deliver new features and upgrades. And as soon as something new is released, we want to assist you in staying current. We will be adding release notes for newly available features to these seasonal release notes as frequently as every month, starting with Winter ’24, so be sure to check back often. Simply search for Monthly Release Notes to locate these release notes.

Get a Short Video Preview of the Best New Features, Every Seasonal Release

Here in the release notes, you can see a video preview of our best features to get up to speed quickly before each seasonal release. Simply look up “Get Ready for the Release.” Check out some more useful tools you may use to get ready after watching the video.

A Guide: Using the Release Notes

  • We provide concise, high-level explanations of improvements and new features in our release notes. We provide setup details, hints to get you going, and best practices to guarantee your ongoing success.
  • The language you see depends on the settings of your browser. Navigate to the bottom, click Change Language, and choose a new language to use.
  • Information about both new and updated features may be found in the release notes for details on problems that are known.
  • To find the news that matters most, use the table of contents search and filters.

Release Notes for Every Month’s New Features

For certain products, Salesforce provides updates and features more frequently than three times a year. Check out the seasonal release notes to learn more about these features and to find out what’s new, often on a monthly basis.

Remember these things while you read through this article.

Release notes for postponed features are different from monthly release notes. A seasonally launched feature may occasionally experience a minor delay. The release note for that feature has an explanation of the timing in the “When” section.

Changes to previously published release notes are not the same as monthly release notes. For the current seasonal or monthly release, there are occasions when we must amend previously published release notes. We update the “Release Notes Changes” topic after that.

  • Monthly releases may fall in line with seasonal releases. When that occurs, we use the first complete month of the seasonal release to find relevant release notes.
  •  When Salesforce updates your instance with the Winter ’24 release, these functionalities will be accessible.
  • For instance, client instances will start to receive the Winter ’24 version in mid-August 2023. The topic “September ’23 Release” contains links to release notes for features that were released in August or September. The topic “October ’23 Release” contains links to release notes for features that were made available in October 2023.

September 23 Release
Find out what features were released on September 23. The September ’23 monthly release’s features become accessible once Winter ’24 is deployed to your instance.

Keep Up with the Salesforce Release Schedule

Find out how to stay informed about Salesforce’s product launches and announcements.

  • Seasonal Releases for Salesforce
  • Updates Critical for Salesforce
  • Issues with Salesforce Trust
  • Known Problems with Salesforce
  • Materials

Salesforce Seasonal Releases:

Three times a year, in the spring, summer, and winter, the Salesforce platform is regularly updated with a plethora of new features. Having a release strategy in place as an administrator can help you and your team stay informed about changes and fully use new features.

Obtaining a Seasonal Release Strategies Trailhead badge is an excellent method to learn about seasonal releases and begin developing a release strategy. A Trailhead module specific to each seasonal release is also included to assist you in learning what’s new.

A wealth of information regarding future releases can be found on the Salesforce Seasonal Releases blog, including links to Release Notes, the pertinent Trailhead module, preview videos, and more.


We are eagerly awaiting the release of Salesforce Winter 2024. Although specifics are not yet public, we can anticipate Salesforce to uphold its commitment to platform stability, user pleasure, and innovation. With the release of Winter 2024, remain involved, keep informed, and get ready to embrace the future. To stay up to date on the newest features and upgrades, pay attention to official Salesforce announcements.

Salesforce users anxiously look forward to these updates because they understand that they show the platform’s ongoing innovation and progress and will help them stay competitive in their commercial endeavours.


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