It has become a common practice for Salesforce to introduce new methods and features in their ecosystem. These help in creating a better user interface and develops a strong network field. As per the latest demands, Salesforce has decided to establish a Revenue Cloud that will enhance the business to business relations in terms of buying and selling. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the complexity of your business model. The Revenue Cloud will serve all your purposes without hindering the model’s accuracy.
There is no doubt that Revenue Cloud will have a positive impact on the CPQ, B2B, and other factors that determine the growth of your business. In other words, the sole purpose of the cloud is to broaden the forecasting data by proposing the most suitable solutions. It will help you connect all the sales teams, operation partners, and financial aspects related to a model.

Use of Revenue Cloud

As we go deeper into the functioning and features of the Revenue Cloud, we will see a lot of things that it can do. We will now discuss each one of its usage one by one,

Ensure Seamless Experience with Sales Channels

Nothing could be better than your customer directly being in contact with your team members. Revenue Cloud combines various Sales Channels available on the system and provides an effective way to connect. For instance, a customer selecting to buy items can choose the products he wants to buy. After this, he will reach out to the store agent and discuss availing of some kind of a discount. Moreover, the agent will have the details of the selected items and he can deal with the customer without any problem.

Improve Payment Balance Visibility

This factor is important while you have set a financial limit on the purchasing pattern of the customer. The team members can easily monitor the overall revenue or the money spent by the customer. Eventually, a better strategy can be developed to tackle the situation accordingly. This prevents panic on the last day or when the customer crosses the limit.

Automation Reduces Burden

Revenue Cloud does the job for the most part and your team just needs to have an overlook on the final results. All the manual effort is reduced and you don’t have to worry about tasks like approvals, data compilation, and order transcriptions. But as we have an automated system for all the billing and invoice procedures, loss of revenue cycles can be prevented. Apart from this, the sales team can keep a track of all the changes made in the purchase patterns.

Better Monetization Strategies

A lot of you out there are concerned about introducing various strategies that will help you grow the business. With Revenue Cloud coming into the scene, launching a new approach like a subscription to your model will be beneficial. Specialized technology will play a major role in helping the agents to deal with the situation. Overall, B2B buying will boost up the opportunities for both the parties and help them to grow together.


The current pandemic situation created a lot of issues for both the buyers and sellers. The customers demanded an instant change in the revenue cycles. As no one was sure what to do next, Revenue Cloud will emerge as a lifesaver in this situation. Surprisingly, all of these operations are managed only by the Revenue Cloud and make life easier. Many Salesforce users believe it to be the most advanced change in the database that will change the working procedure forever.
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