As per the latest news firing up in the Salesforce ecosystem, Slack has now officially joined hands with Salesforce Ohana. There were several rumors regarding the same topic since the beginning of this month. There is no doubt in the fact that it will be a major breakthrough in the whole system of Salesforce and the way everything functions. The users will now have a stronger relationship with their respective CRM systems. The bar of competition level has just been set high for the Microsoft teams and similar business communication applications.
Slack is one of the leading names in business communication software developed by Slack Technologies in 2013. Since the beginning, Slack has always outshined other competitors available in the industry. A lot of successful businesses advise inculcating this application with the primary system. Today, we are going to discuss the 10 Most Effective Tips & Tricks for Using Slack in Salesforce. Some are for beginners while others are based on advanced understanding.

Tip #1 Applications Directory

the home page of slack app directory
Similar to any other platform, Slack does come along with a personalized Application Store to download and install apps. These apps are designed to enhance the overall performance of Slack and integrate well with your business demands. For instance, the Simple Poll app lets the user conduct quick surveys and polls for better insights. You can try various other software available on the marketplace as per the requirement.

Tip #2 Regulate Notifications

Each channel has the option to have customized notifications. You can separate various types of channels and their corresponding notification levels. This allows you to prioritize the notifications that you prefer to look at first. This comes in handy while dealing with several channels simultaneously.

Tip #3 Reminders

Slack Reminders are a great tool to grab your attention towards a particular event or a task. It will prevent skipping any important reminder that you can’t afford to miss. You are just a couple of clicks away to set a reminder for a particular date and time.

Tip #4 Automatic Slack Bot

The Slack bot will act like a personal assistant who is ready to serve you at any hour of the day. It has the ability to keep a track of all your ongoing and upcoming activities along with monitoring your website. The overall assistance is quite compatible and can do pretty much anything. You can also modify the Slack bot as per your convenience.

Tip #5 Share Web Pages

Imagine a situation where you come across a valuable article on a web page and wanted to share the information with the team. Instead of typing the whole scenario, you can directly share the web page on the team channel. It will build a stronger relationship among the member of your Salesforce channel.

Tip #6 Customer Engagement

Nothing is more important than building a strong bond with your customers. You can create new channels to increase the level of interaction with regular customers. This will not affect the rest of the system as customers will join the exclusive channels. Not to mention, this feature is only accessible on the paid version of Slack.

Tip #7 Power of Slash ( / )

power of slash in slack
The forward-slash ( / ) is considered to be a useful character in Slack’s ecosystem. Just type this character while messaging to view the complete list of commands. It can initiate some special orders by putting ( / ) followed by a few words.
For instance,

  • /dnd : This command will not push any notification as it symbolizes the DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • /remind list : It will show all the reminders that are pending for the future.

Tip #8 Sound Customisation

This is similar to Tip #2 as you can customize notification and message sounds accordingly. It will help you to identify the type of message you received without actually opening it.

Tip #9 Private Emails

You can decide whether to display your actual email address or not while sending a mail. There is an option available to hide your Slack profile name while addressing in a channel. Sometimes the situation demands you to be anonymous in the group chat.

Tip #10 Create Post

Slack not only give you the power to share different posts but also showcase your own creativity. Make sure to use the tool for penning down your thoughts and views on a specific topic. Later, share it on various channels to gather readers.


This was all about the major tips that are considered important. No doubt that Slack is full of opportunities and the Salesforce community will gain a lot from it in the future. You can try the software for yourself and benefit from its features.
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