Salesforce is famous for its high standard of services and benefits to the customers. It is a known fact that all the credit not only goes to their system but also to the developers and other admins who are responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire ecosystem. Tagging a well-known credential alongside your name will depict your skills and grasp over the particular aspect of Salesforce. Today, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the Platform App Builder Certification.

About Exam

The Platform App Builder exam is for individuals who are capable of showcasing their skills for developing apps.  for building customized and user-friendly applications based on the Salesforce platform. If we are to be more precise, it mainly focuses on your ability to use tools such as Process Builder, Custom Objects, Approval Processes, and other similar features.
The exam comprises 60 multiple choice questions for which you will get 105 minutes to complete. If you are planning to apply for it, there are no prerequisites and you just need to have the basic knowledge and interest in the related topics. You need to correctly attempt at least 63% of the paper to successfully attain the certification. The exam basically covers all the app-building aspects present in the Salesforce.

Key Topics

We definitely can’t predict the complete paper before actually applying for it. But still, some topics have a high probability of getting space on your question paper. Moreover, a certain percentage is for the key topics and that’s where you can outshine other candidates.

Logic & Process Automation (27%)

I don’t think any topic is more important than this one as it covers more than a quarter of the exam questions. This type of questions will test your knowledge of Record Types, Formula Fields, Roll-up Summary Fields, Workflow, Validation Rules, Approval Processes, Flow & Process Builder. If you have a strong hand over it, you will surely get a good grade.
There will be scenario-based questions where you will be put into a particular situation and you have to act accordingly. Using your theoretical knowledge, you have to propose the most suitable solution for the problem. Finally, you should be able to understand the potential for field updates to cause recursion.

Data Modelling and Management (20%)

This section of your syllabus needs a little more attention as many candidates get confused about small things. In order to get the Platform App Builder Certification, you need to have a grip on a variety of topics related to data modeling and their relationships in the form of lookups. After initiating a project, the first step should be to analyze field types and other aspects. Make sure that these parameters suit the given conditions.

User Interface (14%)

Apart from the technical advantages of Salesforce, you need to know the various features available to give a better experience to the users. The majority of the Salesforce users are on Lightning and thus opens possibilities to create user-friendly interfaces. This section will check how strong you are in dealing with Lightning Components. Also, you have to determine how custom buttons, actions, and links make everything convenient for the user.

Preparation Strategy

Firstly, it is important to breakdown the vast syllabus is small parts for better understanding. Evaluate yourself and prioritize the topics in which you are weak. I would recommend to create a cheat sheet for some key points and give it a quick overview before the exam. Don’t forget to follow Trailhead as it has information about every new feature in Salesforce. After thoroughly revising the concepts, try to test them out in a Trailhead Playground or Developer Org.

Final Thoughts

As per my preference, the Platform App Builder Certification holds a strong position within other Salesforce certifications. It is safe to say that we can compare the Salesforce Admin exam to its difficulty level. The declarative features allow the individual to develop powerful apps that are fully automated. Salesforce is expanding with each coming day and you must be a part of this new ecosystem. If you satisfy all the requirements for it, I would suggest you to give at least a try to this exam, it might be your lucky day!
All the best for your preparation and do well in your exams.
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