Salesforce is a huge automated platform that handles big data and creates adequate computations. With this said, there is a demand for sustainable methods for Salesforce Security to protect data and other components in the organization. Today, you will learn about the best 4 Ways to Improve Salesforce Security for your organization. If you want to get more details, kindly enroll in our course present at the end of the blog.

#1 Data Classification

The first way to enhance the overall security of your Salesforce is to classify the data. It is quite obvious that organizations tend to add new fields, records, and objects on a regular basis. As we need a completely secure environment for them, it is important to classify the data type. Some records contain crucial data and require special firewalls to protect them from unwanted threats. Also, you should identify whether the current Salesforce Security is capable to meet the requirements.

#2 Remove Security Vulnerabilities

There is no doubt in the fact that Salesforce is a dynamic CRM platform that is deeply connected with your company. This is why users need to revisit various areas within the ecosystem that are prone to cyber-attacks. Moreover, you shall create new test cases for vulnerable areas in the organization.

salesforce security- salesforce health check

If you are unable to conduct these steps manually, use automated software like Salesforce Health Check. This free tool is quite useful to identify security issues and fix them in no time. The best part about SHC is that it can provide you with an estimate of the security of the system. Once such problems are removed, your system is ready to go.

#3 Use Security Controls

After you are ready with the above two methods, you can try manipulating the Security Controls of the organization. As the name suggests, it will create a strong foundation for building security protocols for the system. This will minimize the threat that can be responsible for data loss. It includes,

  • Data Backup
  • Archiving data
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Encryption
  • User Access Controls

#4 Regular Audits

Last but not least, Audits prove to be an effective measure to tackle any vulnerable spots in Salesforce. You can take advantage of getting insights into both primary and secondary records and the data inside them. On the other hand, Audits can be useful to test recent changes made in the environment. However, ensure that you are regularly updating the firmware as per the guidelines. It will boost your security strategy over a long period of time.


We hope that you are now aware of all the necessary ways to improve Salesforce Security in your organization. These practices will help you to secure the important data present in multiple records and objects.

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