Every once in a while, you have to update your business systems. Moving to a newer system from an old one is always an exciting task because the newer system will be better performing.
But migration brings lot of risks along and the no.1 challenge is to protect the data from getting lost,the data we have acquired over the years. Loss of data is the no.1 concern for
many business owners. So whenever you are planning to do the Migration, you need to ensure the best data migration strategy.
Data migration is not an easy task. Its not just transferring the data from your computer to a flash drive and then transferring the contents from flash drive to another computer. Data migration is more
than that. Its a time-consuming process and it requires hours and hours of serious planning, but it is also one of the beneficial task for every business.
When you are doing the data Migration, you will come across the following terms:
Legacy Data:
Legacy data is the data you want to move to newer system. Its the data you have collected over the years. Legacy data can be any form,it can be scanned images,paper documents, database records,text files
or spreadsheets.All this data can be moved to newer system.
during the migration process, you will need a data-migrator tool to move the data from old system to new system.There are couple of migration tools out there but Flosum is one of the best
migration tool.Flosum will make the migration process very simple. This migrator tool has all the functionality that you will need in data migration process.
Data Migration: is the process of exporting the legacy data to the target system. Data Migration can be done manually or automatically. The method that you decide to use for the
data migration process is dependent on the systems that you will be using as well as the nature and state of the data that will be migrated.
Data Cleansing : Cleansing of data must be done prior to data migration. Data Cleansing helps to prepare the legacy system for the migration process. Data Cleansing is done because of the
architectural difference in the legacy and the target system.Most of the time, legacy system will not meet the requirements set by the target system. Data Cleansing manipulates the legacy data,so that
it meets the criteria of the target system.
If you understand the basics of data migration, the data-migration process will very simple. terms we discussed in this blog post will be very helpful during the migration process.
Let me know what tool you use for data-migration.


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