Salesforce Genie: The depths of your customer data hold the key to growing your business and improving customer satisfaction. Every interaction, preference, and click matters to your company plan. Nevertheless, the difficulty is in sorting through this constantly growing and changing data.

Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Genie comes into play here. It’s a revolutionary platform designed to completely change the way you work with consumer data, not just a tool. With Salesforce Genie, your dispersed data can become a strategic powerhouse—rather than a series of small adjustments.

Join us as we examine Salesforce Genie’s features and how they could completely change the way you handle customer experience.

Learn how Salesforce Genie can improve your customers’ experience by reading on.

What Is Salesforce Genie?

The real-time customer magic platform is Salesforce Genie. Through the synchronization of data that is updated every millisecond, your teams can now, more than ever, meet your consumers where they are.

When you called a helpline, have you ever talked to the agent about your past purchases for extra time to receive the appropriate support? Or what happens when you visit the store and, despite what you’ve seen on an online retailer, the shirts you’ve been coveting are still sold out? For most of us, these are familiar scenarios. In our opinion, every experience should be linked and updated instantly. We get upset when they aren’t.

Now pause to consider the abundance of consumer data that companies have access to today—by worldwide volume, it doubles every 12 hours. Any organization can easily make sense of its data from any system, channel, or data stream with the help of Salesforce Genie. It creates a single customer profile record by integrating data from each stage of the customer experience. Furthermore, it feels like magic to instantaneously build an unprecedented amount of personalization using that real-time consumer profile.

What effect does Genie have on business?

Here are some examples of how Salesforce Genie significantly improves the customer experience:

  • At 3 p.m., you report your credit card stolen after losing it. At 3:05, someone tries to use your card to make a purchase, but the merchant uses Commerce Cloud Genie and gets real-time notifications, so the attempt is rejected immediately. 
  • You call customer support because you’re having trouble using a product. The company employs Service Cloud Genie, so all marketing and sales communications with you are automatically halted when your issue is handled. You are, therefore, spared from the regular, irritating encounters that turn away clients.
  • A single click in a marketing email causes a personalized offer on a website you view to alter instantaneously. The offer instantly becomes more relevant to you than you would have otherwise been looking at since the company employs Marketing Cloud Genie. This persuades you to proceed with the purchase.
  • You urgently require medical attention. Access to your real-time patient data means your healthcare provider can provide proactive guidance and care recommendations when milliseconds count. 

Businesses in every sector can provide more individualized experiences by utilizing real-time data and a single profile. All of these instances demonstrate how crucial milliseconds are. The price of falling behind could include negative social media feedback, a reduction in the effectiveness of healthcare, and more.

How does one use Salesforce Genie?

The Salesforce platform runs the complete Customer 360 and includes Salesforce Genie. Every cloud gets better when we add features to it. We brought intelligence and automation to every experience in sales, service, marketing, and commerce by doing this once with Flow and again with Einstein. Access to real-time data across all clouds has become more accessible with the integration of Salesforce Genie into the Salesforce platform.

Link all of your info: Salesforce was designed to handle largely transactional data before the release of Genie. Our transactional database is enhanced with Salesforce Genie’s capacity to process enormous amounts of data in real time. Genie is developed using Salesforce metadata, just like all other Salesforce platform capabilities, so Customer 360 may see and use any saved data in Genie.

For instance, if you’re a bank with a transactional data system, you can connect to any streaming data, legacy data, and any data from an external source in real time. So, if your mobile application is open, it can be connected to Salesforce Genie.

Harmonise your data: Based on our 20-plus years of dealing with business applications, we created a set of data models called the Customer Graph, which harmonises all these data streams in a single customer profile. Once this happens, it no longer matters where each piece of data originated or how it was initially labelled — it’s all part of the profile.

Utilize your data to work for you: The way Salesforce Genie resolves identities is essential to that process because it allows a customer’s whole history of interactions with your brand, both known and anonymous, to be combined into a single profile. 

Salesforce Genie uses a lakehouse design to store all of this data. This simplifies classifying and categorizing the variety of unstructured data that organizations rely on, which has traditionally been more challenging. Examples of this include medical information. Salesforce Genie can now access this data more quickly and use it to its advantage.

Improve the experience: What use does a large data set serve? It all comes down to your client. Salesforce Genie, which has privacy and compliance built-in, can resolve all that data so you’re not limited to seeing each client through the prism of when they access a smartphone app or a smart TV app. You may now consider every consumer as an individual rather than a transaction or a number.

It implies that, for instance, customer service representatives are aware of your recent product usage when you contact them. You are not required to inquire. They can respond to your query right away.

Salesforce Partners’ Access to Genie Resources

  • Genie Pocket Guide: Contains resources, videos, and demos for consultants who want to learn more about Genie.
  • Curriculum for CDP: How does one begin using Genie? CDP is the solution! Develop CDP competencies within your consulting firm first. One curriculum option is the ten-course Partner Learning Camp, which includes practical activities that guide consultants through implementation from beginning to end.
  • CDP certification This exam, available only to Salesforce partners, will thoroughly assess candidates’ CDP knowledge (about 900 CDP-accredited experts).
  • Genie 30-day trial: There will soon be more trial organizations available, so act quickly to secure one since only a few are left.

In which Salesforce Cloud is it available?

Every industry and Customer 360 cloud solution is made automated, intelligent, and real-time with Genie. This is a list of cloud services that offer Genie.

Service Cloud Genie: Every contact centre support representative can assist field representatives using support Cloud Genie. With real-time alerts, they can offer proactive support and give representatives the tools to step in, interact with customers, and address problems.

Sales Cloud Genie: Every sales representative can get real-time advice from Einstein during voice and video calls with customers with Sales Cloud Genie. Reps can adjust to the conversation and automatically get customer recommendations in real time.

Marketing Cloud Genie: Every marketer can provide customized communications across channels that instantly adjust to client behaviour across many brand assets thanks to Marketing Cloud Genie.

Commerce Cloud Genie: Any store can create customized shopper experiences with Commerce Cloud Genie that adjust in real-time to customer behaviours, such as abandoned shopping carts or activities performed on a website or mobile app.

Tableau Genie: Any business may use Tableau Genie to track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time to guide decisions across the organization. Examples of KPIs include real-time web traffic for marketing, real-time case spikes for service, and real-time purchase data for sales.

MuleSoft Genie: Any organization can access real-time data across any legacy or new system with MuleSoft Genie.

Slack Genie: An IT leader may instantly boost productivity with Slack Genie by giving teams sophisticated processes that allow them to automatically examine real-time data from any channel.

Salesforce Genie’s features

A component of the Salesforce product family is Salesforce Genie (or platform). Genie’s addition democratizes access to real-time data on all cloud platforms. Additionally, Salesforce Genie is extendable and open, making it simple to interface with other data-related technologies like Amazon SageMaker, Snowflake, and Amazon Ads.

The Salesforce Genie platform offers the following top features:

  • Graph of Customers: A collection of data models called the customer graph unifies and syncs disparate customer data sources into a single customer profile. Thanks to the customer graph functionality, organizations no longer need to be concerned about client data sources.
  • Integrating First Parties with Advertising: Salesforce Genie’s integrations with online advertising networks make better ad insights and activation possible. Companies can provide their customers with efficient and customized marketing. At the moment, Genie is linked with Meta and Amazon Ads.
  • Tableau Data Link: Businesses can incorporate real-time data from Genie into the Tableau platform by using this connector. Businesses that use Tableau with Salesforce will find this incredibly beneficial.
  • Connectivity to Amazon SageMaker: Businesses may create real-time AI models directly with Salesforce Einstein (using the Genie platform) through this integration.


A fundamental shift in the way firms approach CRM is marked by Salesforce Genie. It is positioned as a dynamic assistant that enhances the capabilities of sales and support teams through the integration of intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and natural language processing.

Adopting Salesforce Genie gives businesses a strategic edge in providing individualized experiences, increasing productivity, and being ahead of the competition as they negotiate the challenges of the digital age.

The journey with Salesforce Genie is about embracing a revolutionary force that pushes CRM into a future where automation and intelligence intersect to redefine success rather than just implementing a new technology.


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