salesforce certification verification

Salesforce Certification verification: Now that you’re certified in Salesforce, it’s time to tell everyone! Besides showing off your new certification on LinkedIn and, there’s an official way for others to check it. This also helps you see if you need to do any maintenance on your certifications.

This guide will show you how to check if your credentials are valid. It also helps potential employers see your Salesforce certifications on Trailhead.

WebAssessor Settings

First, you need to agree to make your information searchable and accessible on the verification page, which we’ll explain next. You can do this by going to the bottom of your WebAssessor profile.

You can change this setting anytime. When you do, your first name, last name, city, state, country, the name of your certification, and when you earned it will be visible to others. Profile

As a Salesforce Certification holder, you need to keep your certification up-to-date on Trailhead. This usually means finishing a module by a specific date. To do this, you need to connect your WebAssessor account with your Trailhead from your profile. Remember, you can only do this after passing at least one certification exam.

Before you click the link button, make sure your WebAssessor email address is linked to your Trailhead account. You can choose the email address to which you want to connect. After you do this, your certifications will be visible on your profile for you and others to see. This makes it easy for community members to check each other’s certifications.

Now, you can also show your salesforce certifications!

When maintenance modules are available, your certification status will update to remind you to complete them. The message will explain how to keep your certification up to date.

Verification Page

Potential employers looking to check your Salesforce credentials will likely visit this page. The verification page on Trailhead provides two options:

  1. Verify someone else’s certifications using their full name or email address.
  2. Check your own certification status using your WebAssessor email address.

Check Your Status

As a certified professional, you can use this option to check your certification status and see if any maintenance is needed. After entering the email address linked to your WebAssessor account, you’ll get an email with details about each certification and its current status.

Conclusion : salesforce certification verification   

Verifying Salesforce credentials is very easy. It helps you keep track of maintenance deadlines and provides a reliable way to confirm the certifications held by Salesforce professionals.


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