Today, we are here with a complete blog post that contains some of the most demanding Salesforce Certification that you can get. They will not only boost your resume but also provide an appealing look to your professional career. The best part is that you can verify your credential status directly from your Trailblazer account. Hence, let’s begin with the Verification Certification Salesforce guide.

Why Should I Verify Salesforce Certification?

As we know, recruiters actively look for some outstanding capabilities in a candidate. They want that the employee must be familiar with the latest technology stack and provide benefits to the job profile. Hence, you should put your best foot forward in such cases. They provide a competitive edge in the job market and enhance career prospects. Salesforce certifications demonstrate expertise in specific domains, such as administration, development, architecture, marketing, and sales.

Apart from flashing your Salesforce certifications on LinkedIn and resume, verifying them on your Trailblazer account seems more effective. Once you are done with verification certification Salesforce, you can be an ideal choice for getting recruited.

How to Start Verification Certification Salesforce?

The steps to verify your Salesforce certifications are quite simple. We will take you through the entire procedure along with the complete description. However, you should set the Verification Opt-In dropdown to YES under your WebAssessor Profile.

Also, you should have passed at least 1 official certification for it to reflect on your profile. Simply connect your WebAssessor email address with the Trailhead account. The same can be done through the profile. After completing all this, your Salesforce Certifications will be visible to you and other community members directly on the profile.

Verification Certification Salesforce

If you want to check the status of your own certification, just visit the verification page and get it done.

What Salesforce Certifications Can I Get?

Salesforce offers a wide range of certifications across different domains. The certification paths are designed to cater to diverse roles and skill sets. The paths include:


  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Advanced Administrator


  • Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Salesforce Platform Developer I
  • Salesforce Platform Developer II


  • Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer
  • Salesforce Certified Application Architect
  • Salesforce Certified System Architect

Marketing and Commerce:

  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

Consultant and Specialist:

  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant

Other Specialized Certifications:

  • Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist
  • Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant


We hope that you will not be able to flaunt your hard work through our Verification Certification Salesforce Guide. Do let us know which certification you are looking forward to putting in your bag. Don’t forget to check out our latest certification courses on the website.


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