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In the last blog, we explained Global Actions in Salesforce that received a lot of appreciation from our readers. Today, we are here with another educational blog on Record Types in Salesforce for students aiming for the Admin Certification. We will discuss various details that are important in the Salesforce ecosystem. Make sure to go through the entire blog, and do let us know your views in the mail. Also, you can post your queries accordingly.

What are Record Types?

Record Types in Salesforce - Create Records and Improve Processes

“Record Types in Salesforce allows the user to choose a specific category to view page layouts and corresponding picklist values of that record.” Just a single line covers the complete definition of Record Types. Further, most books follow a similar text to explain it to beginners. However, there are several things that you need to learn about Record Types for better understanding.

You can even create multiple Record Types to differentiate between professional agreements and standard sales deals. Simply allocate a different picklist value for each record, and you are good to go. Admins can also associate Record Types in Salesforce to display multiple page layouts in the record details page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The above section clearly mentions every standard detail that you must learn about the Record Types. Although, some of your might have minor doubts regarding the topic. Here are some prominent questions that might be appearing in your mind,

How Many Types of Records Does an Object Have?

Well, there is no specific limit or range after which you cannot exceed. However, Salesforce experts recommend not having more than 200 record types for each object in the data.

How to Learn More on Record Types?

The best way to get your hands on more profound concepts of Record Types is Trailhead. It covers everything that you need to know, along with practical examples to test out the theories.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are now comfortable with Record Types in Salesforce. Also, you should try to create record types on your own and learn in-built functions.

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