Global Actions in Salesforce

We have been making new blogs on different topics related to Salesforce Admin Certifications and courses. Today, we will have a look at Global Actions in Salesforce. These are quite useful in accomplishing various tasks without devoting more time. Hence, you must read through the entire page and don’t miss any important detail on the topic.

What is an Action in Salesforce?

As we approach Global Actions, we must know what the main job of Action is. In simple terms, you can enhance the overall functionality of Salesforce using actions. Moreover, users get access to multiple standard actions to create or update records. The best part is that you can customize actions depending on your requirements. Hence, it helps you save valuable time while using the Salesforce1 mobile application.

There are majorly two types of actions available in Salesforce,

  1. Object Specific Actions
  2. Global Actions

We will throw some more light on Global Actions in Salesforce in the upcoming sections of this guide.

Explain Global Actions in Salesforce

How to Create a Global Quick Actions in Salesforce - Salesforce Blog |  Salesforce Simple Tutorial

As the name suggests, Global Actions are available to be added in various sections of the Salesforce ecosystem. Moreover, you can easily include them into any age that supports actions. Some common examples are the chatter tab, home page, and multiple object pages. Users can effectively use Global Actions to create new object records in the database. However, these new records will not have any relationship with their previous counterparts.

You can perform the following functions using Global Actions,

  • Create & Update existing records
  • Keep a record of Call Details
  • Make a New Task from Salesforce1 Feeds Page
  • Send Email to Multiple Users

What are Action Layouts?

Action Layouts | Salesforce App Admin Guide | Salesforce Developers

If you remember our discussion on Page Layouts, Action Layouts are pretty much similar. All the actions have respective actions layouts that you can customize and edit accordingly. Each time an action is created, Salesforce automatically fills the action layout with the set of default values. Although, the user can add, edit, or delete the fields to enhance the level of information. You can quickly create Action Layouts for both global actions and object-specific actions.

Final Thoughts

We can now end our discussion on Global Actions in Salesforce and other related sub-topics to it. Share this page with your friends and colleagues and let us know your views.

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