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JavaScript Developer I Certification is really beneficial in order to have a better grasp over the system. They not only test your skills, but also make sure that you are well aware of its functions. One of the most valued certifications is the JavaScript Developer I Certification. The associated exam is specifically designed for developers who have the proficiency, expertise and grasp of developing front-end and/or back-end JavaScript applications for the web stack. The skills are expected not to be device specific and can be used to any kind of framework in the Salesforce.
I’m not sure how many are you aware about it, but this certification is considered to be the first platform agnostic test that evaluates knowledge of tools outside Salesforce. Also, you need not have any prior certification to be eligible for it. This makes it both unique and highly important.
Javascript Developer1

Requirements of Ideal Candidate

Although this exam does not target a certain section of people, but still the following two categories of candidates are more likely to benefit from this certification,

  1. Salesforce Developers who are in need of testing and building some of the fundamental JavaScript features
  2. Web Developers with skills and are looking forward to join the Salesforce environment

It is obvious that Salesforce wants to introduce more developers in their ecosystem, especially after they are involved into standardization of JavaScript. They always try to support and create more open source technologies such as Lightning Web Components. As of now, it is a great opportunity for Salesforce Developers to strengthen their core JavaScript ideas and get complete understanding of how the web world works.
For all those out there who are preparing for it, let me remind you that it’s not an easy exam. It will put your code reading skills and much more aspects to test. You need not worry as this guide will provide you right direction to work upon and increase your chances of getting successful in first attempt.

Key Topics: JavaScript Developer I Certification

As any other typical Salesforce exam, JavaScript Developer I Certification also includes various topics with different weightage. A few sections are expected to take the majority of questions, some of them are listed below

Objects, Classes & Functions

JavaScript is also based on OOP and if you have worked with this before, you must be aware about the pros and cons. Key concepts like flow-control, prototypes, object methods etc. should be on your tips as things can get complicated in no time.

Variables, Collections & Types

Many developers have used these concepts while building LWC or Aura & VF components and don’t even realise. If you are beginner, keep an eye on the topics that make use of these concepts. The exam might even contain some scenario-based questions.

 Debugging Errors

If there is anything more important than writing codes, it is debugging them. Even a small dot(.) can give out error for the whole code. You must learn features like debugger keyword and how to use console methods to measure performance of the functions.

Server Side JavaScript

Here comes everything about Node.js along with some conceptual questions of its implementation. Learn about the core Node.js modules and infer where specific frameworks will be an ideal solution.


The name tells all, you need to understand logical concepts of reporting a result of a test. The questions will include a block of code and you’ll determine where the test is lacking and modify it to be effective.

Final Strategy

JavaScript Developer
The JavaScript Developer I Certification is all about learning both practical and theoretical aspects of concepts. The exam is quite difficult and you need to spot differences between codes and eliminate the most obvious wrong options. Make sure to follow Trailhead Community as they can provide some help in your preparation.
As we seeing an uphill trend in the number of developers in the community, this certification will surely put value to your resume and outshine other candidates without it. This will build your mindset to tackle real-world problems successfully.
Good luck for your exam!
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