Global picklists are a major part of the Salesforce ecosystem and highly reduces manual effort. Moreover, we will briefly discuss Field Dependency and its major types. This blog is quite important for beginners who want to learn about the same. Make sure to go through the entire page and tell us your views.

What are Global Picklists?

global picklists

Nothing could be better than having picklists that you can share across various objects on Salesforce. Well, Global Picklists is the most interesting feature of the platform that came into existence in 2016. As the name suggests, users can easily add a single list of values over different custom picklist fields. We often see the same picklist added to multiple objects, and it becomes difficult to manage. Product Picklists, ZIP Code Picklists, Competitors, etc., are some common examples of Global Picklists.

However, any values that you fill in Global picklists are fixed and don’t undergo any changes on custom picklists. Also, admins can control whether users can manipulate or add new values through API. Hence, it makes it Restricted Picklists by Default.

Field Dependency

Salesforce provides additional filters that allow you to control value on a certain picklist/field using the existing field. You will come across two terms related to Field Dependency in Salesforce,

  • Dependent Field: Its value depends on the value of the controlling field.
  • Controlling Field: Its value depends on the value of the dependent field.


We hope you are now clear with the concepts of Global Picklist and Field Dependency in Salesforce. Don’t forget to regularly visit our blog section and have a great learning experience. Also, we will be uploading new topics in the near future. Stay tuned!


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