Today’s Salesforce tutorial consists of various details related to Cross Object Formula and its limitations. We will also try to learn how you could create one Cross Object Formula Field in the Salesforce environment. Make sure to read the full article and do share it with your friends.

What is Cross Object Formula?

cross object formula field in salesforce

First, let’s have a look at the basic definition of our topic of discussion. As the name suggests, Cross object Formula is a function that shows one data object in another by passing reference of primary data in the related object. It refers to the data of parent fields and merges it with the child field records. Users can easily create and apply Cross Object Formula fields in both master-detail and lookup relationships. You can reference fields that are less than 10 relationships aways from the parent record. Also, the cross object formula is available for every calculation except for default values. Therefore, it significantly reduces the work of manually entering each detail.

For instance, shopping crates will automatically add up the additional taxes once you select the desired item. You don’t have to fill the tax ratio manually, as the system will automatically detect the same.

Limitations of Cross Object Formula

Once you know the basic concepts, try to grasp some limitations of this feature,

  • It is only applicable as a read-only field in the database.
  • It is dependent on the source field. The value keeps on updating as you change the source values.
  • We can use Formula Editor to generate the formula field and its attributes in the Salesforce environment.


This is all that we have in store for you related to Cross Object Formula Field in various databases across Salesforce. We hope you have a great learning experience as we will bring more educational content to our blog section.

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