Trailhead is one of the most important aspects of the Salesforce community, especially for beginners. Every day, several candidates join the ecosystem and explore more about their interests and skills. This is where you need a better start and begin with a much simpler yet effective experience. There is no doubt in the fact that every newbie must have some basic knowledge about the functioning of Trailhead. This will not only be beneficial for the newcomers but also provide better opportunities to existing users. You can also explore several Trailhead badges for beginners and try to achieve the ones that will give an impactful headstart.

What are Trailhead Badges?

trailhead badges for beginners

In case you are not aware of the use and importance of Trailhead badges, we’ve got you covered in this section. First, you need to understand that Trailhead is a platform that allows you to learn about Salesforce, right from the beginner to end. It also helps users to be in touch with the latest changes and updates in the ecosystem. The best part is that employers can easily look for the skillset of the candidate through their Trailhead progress. This is where the role of Trailhead Badges comes into play.

After the user finishes a learning module, he receives a special badge that determines the completion of the same. these badges possess a lot of value in the Salesforce community and show your grasp over the system. You can also earn Superbadges under the same topic that represents your real-world proficiency in that sector. Hence, it is quite easy to analyze your progress and provide opportunities accordingly.

Trailhead Badges for Beginners

You can find more than 100 Trailhead badges on the internet that you can achieve with a maximum of 50,000 points. Ranger is the topmost rank that any user can attain during their Salesforce career. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know from where to start the journey, this guide will cover some basic badges that will help you to secure a job in Salesforce.

#1 Skill Up for the Future with Trailhead

It is quite common that you have to begin with learning to use Trailhead itself. This badge will offer you all the basic and advanced features of the platform to help you in further progress. It comprises several modules and projects along with awarding you with 1,800 points. Also, it will be easier for you to navigate through the further badges mentioned in this guide.

#2 Build Your Career in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Many users often complain about not being able to manage and comprehend their progress in the Salesforce community. This is the reason that Trailhead introduced this badge to help you create a career plan. There are tons of opportunities available and you have to choose the most suitable one according to your skills and interests. Moreover, you can build skills related to communication and earn credentials to succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

#3 Discover Sales Cloud

As the name suggests, it is important to have an understanding of the Sales Cloud platform. There are various products or clouds in Salesforce and this badge will get you started from the basics. further, anyone who is looking to become an Administrator must be going through this 1hr 40mins course and bag 1,000 points. You can also make a better progress chart in the additional cloud features.

#4 Prepare for Salesforce Releases

Salesforce is an ever-growing platform that upgrades the system regularly to meet the consumers’ expectations. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the new changes and adapt to them accordingly. Trailhead offers a special badge for this same purpose to guide the beginners for the same. Users will also learn about techniques and strategies to have a grasp on these changes.

#5 Meet Your Business Needs with AppExchange

You might be knowing that there are thousands of apps on Salesforce on the AppExchange platform that will assist you in many scenarios. This is the reason that you must learn how to use and navigate through it. The course in the badge will give you an overview of the solutions to deal with various problems regarding the same.

#6 Protect Your Salesforce Data

At last but not least, protecting the database on Salesforce is equally important as creating it. There is a common myth that beginners should not try something related to security as it can be quite risky. However, many experts believe that newbies should rather learn about the same in the starting to get better in the later stages. Moreover, you will learn the Security Basics along with Data Security in this Trailhead badge.


This is all about the Trailhead badges for beginners that you must know for better understanding. You can always test your limits and try to get hands-on important and effective badges. This will definitely improve your chances of becoming a successful Salesforce Administrator in the future. Also, you can check our courses related to Salesforce on our website!


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