In this blog post, I have listed some of the highly productive Salesforce Extensions on Google Chrome. To make it easier, I have categorized extension on the basis of functionality.Please take a look at these extensions and let me know which is your favorite extension and why?

Salesforce Chrome Extensions that you must use

We will start with Salesforce extensions which allow you to quickly login to salesforce:

Salesforce Extension for Express Login:

When you have multiple Salesforce accounts, instances and multiple users to cater to, logging in and out multiple times can be frustrating. Listed below are some salesforce extensions which will ease your effort:
1. LOGINS by
Logging into Salesforce multiple times can be time consuming and annoying. But, with the LOGINS extension, you can manage multiple logins and quickly get onto the platform. The LOGINS extensions stores your account information (username,password,description and security token), groups the multiple accounts for easier management and enables you to log in on a selected tab or a window as per your need.
2. Quick Login As by Kyle Peterson
This is another very powerful chrome extension useful for both Admins and Developers alike. It enables you to log in as any user in your organization quickly and easily. On Click, it will display a pop-up of all users on the listing page and from there you can select to login as any specific user. When you log out, it will take you back to the first page you were browsing, before you logged in as the other user.

Multi-functional Salesforce Chrome Extensions

In this section, we will take a look at the extensions which have multiple functionalities.
3. Whatfix on Salesforce by
Whatfix on Salesforce is an excellent extension that will help in guiding and training users efficiently on the platform via interactive walkthroughs. The extension is a free version for individuals to train themselves on Salesforce. It includes a widget called “self-help” which lists all the walkthroughs on
Salesforce created on Whatfix community. On click, the interactive walkthrough will launch in real-time and virtually handhold you through completion of each task.
For extensive use, organizations can also take advantage of Whatfix Enterprise Version which is widely used for Salesforce Onboarding, Training and support.
4.Admin Assistant by
CrmScience Admin assistant is a toolkit for admin which contains multiple useful features. The features include the ability to create and modify profiles,
automating profile setting updates, mass deleting records from a list, a floating chatter window and show max results link that displays the maximum number of the possible results on one page with one click.
5.Ebsta For Salesforce by
This extension automatically cross-references Salesforce based on the web page you are working on. On click, it will show you the cross-referenced Salesforce record. (for example, it will display the record of a prospect if you are on the prospect’s LinkedIn page). This extension also allows you to edit records, update records, manage tasks, Chatter etc.
6. Utility Belt by Jeff Douglas
This is a very powerful chrome extension which will make your life easy. The extension is based on three main features namely:
1. Quick Reference Topics related to Apex, Visualforce, SOQL .
2. Search for stuff which will help you to perform keyword search to find stuff in Salesforce Documentation.
3. SFDC ID converter: This is used to quickly create an 18-digit Salesforce ID from a 15 digit ID.

Salesforce Extensions for Setup Navigation

7. Salesforce Navigator by Daniel Nakov
Salesforce Navigator Extension makes navigating in and around Salesforce very easy. You just need to type what you need to do and the extension shows you to do it.
8. Salesforce Searchbox by Siddharatha Nagavarapu
THis extension adds a simple search box on top of all configuration items of the setup like list of fields of each object, list of Apex classes and visualforce page. The search will help you filter the list and show configuration items, based on the keyword.
9.Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta) by Prafulla Patil
This Salesforce extensions will enable you to quickly access the multiple menus on Salesforce using hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts). To view the list of hotkeys, click here.

Salesforce Extensions for Metadata Search

If you are still inspecting each element to find its metadata, then these extensions will relieve you of it, once and for all.
10. Salesforce Inspector by Søren Krabbe
Salesforce Inspector extension helps you look at your metadata without inspecting data on the Salesforce UI. It’s a great time saver for developers who constantly need to lookup field requirements, field type, API names, etc.


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