Strategies to follow while deployment:

Whenever you deploy changes to production, you need to be very careful because end user will get effected if something goes wrong. Whenever you are deploying changes to production, you need to follow some strategies.

Preparation for Deployment and Roll Back plan:

1) Before you deploy your changes to production, you should first deploy the changes to full copy sandbox and validate your changes.
2) Prepare a list of manual steps.
3)Always backup your production data.
4)Make a roll back plan.

Schedule your release with following steps:

1) Before you deploy your changes to production, you must announce a maintenance window.
2) Stop all setup changes on production.
3)Create a staging environment
4) Switch environment dependencies and services from testing to production values.
5) Lock users out of the application.
6) Deploy to production
7) Unlock the production org.

Inform users about the new changes:

Once you are done with deployment, you have to update your users about these changes. For example, if you have enabled chatter, then make a chatter post. Notify all the users via email about the new changes. Prepare a document of the changes. If needed, you should also set up a training session with the users.


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