Sharing records and information is the most important job for any organization. This is why Sharing Rules are useful to determine the level of permission that will allow you to share data. Today, we are here to discuss Sharing Rules in Salesforce. Make sure to read the entire blog and get every information about the same.

What are Sharing Rules in Salesforce?

As the name suggests, Sharing Rules are a certain set of rules that create unique permissions for Organization-Wide Default settings. If you don’t have ownership of the record, Sharing Rules can be useful. These can quickly create an exception for objects who have default settings set as Public Read-Only. Moreover, Sharing rules can extend the access limit but don’t have permission to restrict the access levels set by the organization defaults. Hence, you must consider various parameters before defining Sharing rules.

sharing rules in salesforce

There is no doubt in the fact that Salesforce Admins can create such rules for any user in the company. however, we recommend using Sharing rules for a group of users who are most likely to stay constant. Thus, try to determine the desired owners to apply such rules. If the number of users undergoes regular changes, avoid using this method.

Types of Sharing Rules in Salesforce

There are primarily two types of Sharing Rules that you can benefit from in Salesforce. You can easily share records with multiple users through them,

Criteria Based

You can clearly see that Sharing Rules based on Criteria contain records under a particular sector. These records can be of type Address, Contact Information, and many more.

Owner Based

Similar to the previous one, Owner based Sharing Rules are owner dependent. These records are owned by a specific set of users within the ecosystem. Further, owners can belong to public groups, subordinates, and other major roles.

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