What is Salesforce Industries’ Vlocity?

Salesforce Vlocity: On the Salesforce platform, Vlocity (Salesforce sectors) provides pre-built solutions that address the demands of specific sectors. These standard specifications are taken by Vlocity and packaged into “cloud” solutions that can be made available to specific companies.

Every business wants to achieve the most return on investment from its Salesforce setup as soon as feasible. However, it sometimes seems that implementation projects and additional adaptations will never stop, particularly for businesses that demand CRMs that are significantly more customized than Salesforce’s “out-of-the-box” offerings.

Every company must decide whether to adopt Salesforce Industries solutions or to customize the platform itself. Let’s talk about this query, the OmniStudio tools accessible to development teams, and some Vlocity solution examples.

What is Vlocity?

Salesforce Industries’ Vlocity provides pre-built solutions on the Salesforce platform to address specific industry demands that necessitate CRMs to be extensively customized beyond Salesforce’s first release.

Salesforce Vlocity

Vlocity, which was established in 2014, rose to prominence as an “industry cloud” pioneer and won three Forbes Cloud 100 awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019. What made their success happen so quickly?

With omnichannel sales, marketing, service, and CPQ solutions, Vlocity applications—which are built on the Salesforce platform—address the demands of certain industries, including communications, insurance, energy & utilities, financial services, media, health, and the public sector.

It’s easy to see how to succeed. Businesses gain from pre-built processes and ready-made flows that would otherwise need months or even millions of dollars to custom-develop.

Salesforce purchased Vlocity in 2020. Salesforce was able to expand its portfolio of solutions, known as Salesforce Industries, by incorporating Vlocity’s industry-specific CRMs. This was made possible by the transaction.

David Schmaier, the founder of Vlocity, continued to lead Salesforce Industries, the business unit tasked with developing clouds for new verticals, following this renaming.

Salesforce Industries

With the acquisition of Vlocity, Salesforce gained an advantage over emerging vertical solutions. In general, the twelve industry clouds that are now in use advance the Vlocity applications. These give out-of-the-box solutions that are industry-specific and extend the current Salesforce data model.

Salesforce Industries was founded soon after Vlocity was acquired. Vlocity, a tech business that Salesforce formally bought, is now known as Salesforce Industries. As a relatively new player in the cloud space, Vlocity has amassed extensive technological expertise across different businesses. These industries include:

  • Interactions
  • Energy and Utilities, 
  • Automotive Media and Entertainment, 
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Public Consumer Products
  • Instructions
  • Bank-related Services
  • Production
  • Nonprofit Travel Transportation & Hospitality Retail Technology

As an illustration, two popular “clouds” are:

With media and communications clouds: Businesses have access to all the tools and software they need to start subscription services and handle orders, estimates, and contracts quickly.

Financial Services Cloud: Offers a single consumer view of their policies, financial data, and claims on a unified platform to support the banking, wealth management, and insurance industries.

These clouds shorten time to value while increasing operational efficiency, marketing, sales, and service agility.

How does Salesforce connect with Vlocity?

Salesforce Vlocity is designed for Salesforce Lightning and is based on the Salesforce platform. Core Salesforce apps like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud are effortlessly integrated with it.

The managed packages that Vlocity offers can be installed straight into a Salesforce organization. Within Salesforce, all of the Vlocity data is natively saved. Users can use Salesforce Classic UIs or the Lightning Experience to access Vlocity apps.

Moreover, Vlocity uses Salesforce Connect and APIs to communicate with external systems. By combining information from third-party systems and Salesforce, it offers a 360-degree perspective of the consumer.

How Does Vlocity Benefit Salesforce?

Through this collaboration, industry-specific solutions became a fundamental component of the platform’s functionality.

Salesforce has been increasing its adaptability over time in an effort to meet any industry issue. However, one challenge still needs to be addressed, and that is the complexity of IT.

Consider a company that has a complex IT stack that includes some in-house apps. It still takes a lot of effort and money to replace it with a unified platform. To enable end-to-end business processes, consultants and developers must integrate apps, align the solution, and customize it.

Here’s where velocity comes in. In addition to pre-built processes and product models, Vlocity enhances Salesforce with enterprise product catalog (EPC), CPQ, order management, and digital commerce. The software is developed closely adhering to industry standards that are standardized by groups such as the MAF and the TM Forum.

Consequently, businesses go live more quickly. By training their employees and maybe achieving self-sufficiency, they can cut expenses by not hiring as many consultants and developers.

What? Thanks to OmniStudio, a feature that makes customization easy.

OmniStudio Description

With the use of common click-based components and a modular structure, OmniStudio allows users to design Salesforce routines and solutions swiftly.

The architecture of OmniStudio is divided into three layers:

Digital User Interface

  • FlexCards, whether from Salesforce or other third-party systems, condense and show relevant data and actions.
  • Sequences for sales, service pathways, and other business operations can be configured with OmniScripts.

Management of Services

  • Data can be updated, transformed, and retrieved using data raptors.
  • Through integration procedures, you can obtain data from external services.

Developer Background

  • OmniStudio Datapacks are managed using the IDX Build Tool.
  • A desktop tool called IDX Workbench is used to migrate Salesforce information and Datapacks.

Because of this, OmniStudio offers you easier shortcuts and more options for reuse, so you may modify industry-oriented solutions to fit your specific needs, unlike custom development.

Industry clouds are changing and developing. For now, nevertheless, there are a few potential disadvantages to be aware of:

  • Industries integrate multiple clouds into a single, shared function. This makes it difficult to determine whether a given feature is part of the current implementation.
  • Since updates are sent to all clouds and APIs in one bundle, releases lack a defined structure.
  • Restricted platform support and bug fixes.
  • Businesses at the enterprise level are best suited for the Vlocity data model and functionality. Some argue that it is overkill for the SMB market because small and medium-sized enterprises are likely to be left with capabilities they do not need or will not use, in addition to the bigger budget that is necessary.

Important Vlocity attributes and capabilities

Vlocity is a leading supplier of sector-specific cloud software, including industrial apps and sophisticated CRM. Its collection of cloud-based software applications can be used in a wide range of industries, including media, communications, energy, healthcare, and government. This gives enterprises access to a multitude of functionalities and applications.

Organizations can swiftly and widely implement digital transformation with Vlocity. In addition to offering an omnichannel customer experience, Vlocity offers data-driven insights and optimized business operations for a range of sectors. Vlocity’s cloud apps, which are based on the Salesforce platform, are ready to use and have a quick deployment time. This enhances the world’s top CRM platform by introducing procedures, data models, and user experiences unique to the industry.

Businesses can provide a flawless customer experience through all channels—including marketing, sales, and customer service—by utilizing Vlocity. It enhances first-contact resolution, raises customer happiness, and increases agent productivity. Applications developed using Vlocity follow an agile development process, with customers closely involved. Best practices and industry standards are incorporated to guarantee quick implementation and uptake.

By facilitating the transition to digital, Vlocity is revolutionizing client connections in the most significant sectors globally. Their cutting-edge portfolio of mobile and cloud software boosts sales, marketing, services, and commerce for businesses in the insurance, health, government, media, communications, and energy sectors. Businesses can accelerate employee productivity, improve customer relationships, and outperform the competition with Vlocity!

Where Is Vlocity Applicable?

Vlocity is largely used by businesses in the public, media, insurance, health, and communications sectors. It enhances consumer experiences and makes digital transformation possible. Vlocity offers accelerators and pre-built apps for these verticals’ most popular commercial uses. But businesses can also alter the solutions to fit their particular needs. 

 Among the particular use cases are the following:

  • Multichannel customer interaction for cable and telecom companies
  • Insurance carriers’ administration of policies and claims management
  • Patient relationship administration for HMOs and health systems
  • Subscription billing and digital commerce for media and entertainment firms
  • Portals for government agencies to obtain advantages and services 
  • Platforms for nonprofit fundraising that link funders and recipients

The Reasons for Joining Salesforce Developer of Velocity

Salesforce developers will need to become well-versed in Vlocity’s products in order to help clients with their integrations and customizations, as we may witness a surge in the number of customers looking for Vlocity’s solutions. The Vlocity Success Community is currently the finest repository for comprehensive information regarding Salesforce OmniStudio (previously known as the Vlocity Digital Interaction Platform).

Salesforce Documentation and Trailhead for Vlocity

You can study, use, and optimize Vlocity solutions using the abundance of information offered by the combination of Salesforce and Vlocity resources. These resources will be very helpful to Salesforce professionals who want to grow into the core markets of Vlocity.

For the purpose of using its solutions on the Salesforce platform, Vlocity offers a wealth of training materials and documentation. Here are a few of these:

Vlocity Documentation: Installation instructions, product documentation, developer guides, and release notes are all included in the Vlocity documentation. Customers of Vlocity can access and view it on Vlocity University.

Vlocity Trailhead: Free online courses on Vlocity are available at Vlocity Trailhead, which also features trails for Vlocity apps related to government, insurance, health, and communications. There are always more trails being added. 

Vlocity Certification: For developers, architects, and product professionals, Vlocity provides multiple Salesforce certifications. Getting a Vlocity certification proves that you have extensive expertise, which might help you progress in your work.

Webinars with Vlocity: Webinars on industry trends, best practices, and the latest features of the Vlocity product are regularly held. Anyone interested in Vlocity is welcome to attend the webinars.


In summary, Salesforce Vlocity achieved a significant milestone by offering businesses an architectural foundation tailored to particular sectors. The company transitioned to industry-specific solutions that are faster for users to onboard and easier to customize after being acquired by Salesforce. Companies can accelerate their digital transformation journey with a reliable instance that includes reusable solutions and a flexible data model from the current Salesforce Industry clouds.

With the help of Vlocity, companies can improve operational efficiency, optimize procedures, and provide smooth, customized customer experiences.

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, organizations can use Vlocity to promote innovation, open up new opportunities, and remain ahead of the competition. Vlocity’s strong capabilities and user-friendly interface make it an invaluable tool for any firm trying to improve its Salesforce installation and spur growth.


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