Salesforce developer salary and skill set required for the job

In this blog post, we are going to cover the most asked question “What is Salesforce Developer Salary?”. Is Salesforce Developer salary is good or average? We will cover all these points in this artice.

Starting a new career or making a switch from one career to other is a challenging task. Since you have come here there are good chances you fall into one of these categories. As the title suggests our focus here is a Career in Salesforce development. How is it and what it takes to build that career? Before we get into all of that let’s discuss some facts about Salesforce.

Salesforce is the best and most reliable Customer relationship management (CRM) software. With around 20% of the market share, Salesforce is a leader in the CRM industry. Given the statistics, it’s obvious that the more the number of firms using the software more the job opportunities for the developers. To put it in numbers a report by IDC said that globally around 4.2 million jobs in the niche are expected by 2024

That were some quick facts that might have made you realize that your decision to become a Salesforce developer has fruitful results ahead. The question is how to become one and what it takes. Let’s start with the skills that are required to become a Salesforce developer and then we would move to the other part which is the salesforce developer salary.

Skills Required 

You might have heard from many that one can be a Salesforce developer with Zero coding knowledge. We would say partially yes. Yes, you can start from scratch but if you don’t have coding knowledge then you are starting from the base which means you have to learn the programming basics at the start. In comparison, if you have some basic coding knowledge or knowledge of some programming language then you start a step ahead.

When the ultimate goal is to get a job then having coding knowledge would always come in handy. Don’t be disheartened if you are a novice in coding. In fact, it’s good for you to start from the basics and walk up the ladder.

To start with: You need to learn the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming

If you want to save time you can take this course on our platform which would help you to start things from scratch and progress to the advanced level. Opting for this would save a lot of time that you would otherwise waste wandering for finding resources for learning. 

Salesforce has many certifications somewhere in access of 40. Don’t be scared you don’t have to complete all those. To be a Salesforce developer you have to do the following certifications:

  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder
  • Sales Cloud Consultant

With a dedicated and consistent effort, you can complete these certifications in 3-4 months. As far as the preparation for these certifications is concerned you can find many Salesforce courses for free on YouTube. 

As a final step to boost your technical skills armory you (in the context of getting a good job) you need to go for the:

  • A Platform Developer Certification that would add to the experience that you have gained so far. Not to forget the benefits that it adds to your CV when it is presented for the job.

Remember that these technical skills stand on the back of your analytical abilities and communication skills. If you lack these skills it’s better to keep working on them parallelly while you learn the technical ones. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

A Salesforce developer has to take care of multiple things as a part of his/her day-to-day work. Some of the major roles and responsibilities include:

  • Testing the application 
  • Performing customization and integration 
  • Keep an eye on changing business and technological landscapes of Salesforce and . Net/Java platforms
  • Create a project plan and coordinate with the team
  • Security management 
  • Routine software maintenance as well as testing

The life of a Salesforce developer is quite similar to a typical life of an IT professional. The difference here is that while the other developers work with different kinds of software solutions a Salesforce developer is primarily focused on Salesforce-related developments. Thus we can say that it is a specialized niche in IT development and in a general sense, the job profile is of software development. 

Salesforce Developer Salary in India and USA

The most important and awaited point of our discussion is  salesforce developer  salary. How much you can earn as a Salesforce developer? We would answer this question in two parts. 

First, we would see how much is salesforce developer salary  in India and then would see the same figures for the USA.

Talking about India the average annual salary as per research conducted by Indeed is around Rs 100,0000. The number is inclusive of both the bonus and profit-sharing. Thus, you can say that is a decent-paying job. Also with the experience and certifications, you gain there is always a chance of going well above the average salary. 

Now, coming to the salesforce developer’s salary in the USA. In the states, the number comes out to be $109,009 per annum. Breaking this down would be somewhere around $7,718 a month. Again a decent number have a good lifestyle. 

Apart from full-time jobs, there is a good number of part-time or freelance opportunities that one can explore. In fact, you can couple your full-time job with freelance work to keep multiplying the income. It’s only about the experience and comfort that you develop as a Salesforce developer and the money would never be a problem.  

Before we get to the closure of this discussion a fact that we want to highlight is that North America has a good demand for Salesforce developers. This is based on recent trends. Hiring rates in North American countries for the profile are close to 60%. So, when you hunt for a job you know which should be your target area. Considering the remote work culture that is now prevalent anyone who has got the skills to be a Salesforce developer can get a job in these countries and can earn a decent amount. 

That’s it for this one, we would soon be there with another interesting discussion, stay tuned, and don’t forget to comment on which topic related to Salesforce you want to hear from us. I hope we have justified the answer related to Salesforce Developer Salary in this blog post. 



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