Salesforce platform app builder certification

Salesforce has been one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) solutions maintaining its position at the top of the market. In terms of numbers, it’s over 1,50,000 businesses and a 33% share of the market that this SaaS serves. Before we begin with our discussion on Salesforce platform app builder certification this facts would give you a fair bit of idea about how big this software is in terms of value.

For anyone who is associated with Salesforce or wants to get growth as a Salesforce developer then Salesforce platform app builder is one of the most important certification to go for and also an easy one to get. But is it worth it for you? The answer to it depends upon 2 things:

  • Your current level of Salesforce development knowledge
  • What career path you are looking for in Salesforce

If you are an absolute beginner then the Salesforce platform app builder certification should be the first certification that your should go for. If you are not familiar with what salesforce can do Out-of-The-box, you will end up writing code for everything which is not a recommended practice. So if you are a beginner in Salesforce, go for Platform app Builder Certification. You don’t need any PROGRAMMING SKILLS to take this course. This certification will prepare you with all the skills you need to build custom apps on Salesforce platform. It will familiarize you with salesforce built-in features like Lightning flows, approval processes etc.

Also, the course builds an understanding of the Salesforce platform in the context of the areas such as data modeling, user interface design, and security helping you develop custom applications using the Salesforce platform.

What do you get to learn under Salesforce platform app builder certification?

Before opting for the Salesforce platform app builder certification it’s important to know what you would get to learn under the program. If you know what’s in it then you can take a better decision about whether you want to opt for it or not.

As we discussed above the basic idea of the program is to make sure that a learner develops knowledge and skills in building custom applications using the Salesforce platform. Taking that into consideration the course covers the following areas:

  1. Data Modeling: This includes the understanding of how to create custom objects, fields, and relationships, as well as how to manage data using tools such as data import and export.
  2. Business Logic and Process Automation: How to use Salesforce’s tools such as workflows, validation rules, and triggers to automate business processes and enforce data integrity is covered under this.
  3. User Interface: Deals with the development of understanding related to creating and customizing user interfaces, including pages, components, and navigation, as well as how to create and customize list views, search layouts, and record detail pages.
  4. Security and Access: Security and data privacy are crucial aspects of modern-day software development. That’s why the Salesforce platform app builder certification teaches you how to manage user access and permissions, as well as how to use Salesforce tools such as profiles, roles, and sharing rules to ensure data security.
  5. Salesforce Lightning: You get to learn about the Salesforce Lightning platform to create and customize user interfaces, and how to use Lightning components, events, and controllers to build custom applications.
  6. Mobile App: Mobile apps are the go-to option for any user. How to build and customize mobile apps on the Salesforce platform, and how to use Salesforce Mobile SDK to build and customize mobile apps that access Salesforce data is something that is taught under this head.
  7. Analytics: The Salesforce platform app builder certification also covers the Salesforce’s analytics tools such as reports, dashboards, and Einstein Analytics analyze data and make data-driven decisions.

Is Salesforce platform app builder certification worth it for you?

This is a subjective answer and not a yes or no kind of answer. As you see we discussed the Salesforce platform app builder certification is for fresher, someone who is new to salesforce and want to learn about the out-of-the-box capabilities of salesforce platform. If you are new to Salesforce, then I will definitely say YES, this certification is worth it for you.

Even if you are a seasoned developer, I am sure you are also familiar with platform capabilities, so this certification will be a cake walk for you. You can easily pass this certification. So either way, the answer to the question is YES. This certification is completely worth it and easiest certificate to crack.

Let’s put it in a simple and straight way if you are working in a role that involves building custom applications on the Salesforce platform, getting certified as a Salesforce Platform App Builder can demonstrate your knowledge and skills to current or potential employers. This can lead to career advancement opportunities and higher earning potential.

Additionally, Salesforce is widely used in many industries and the Salesforce platform app builder certification can help a person stand out in a competitive job market. It also gives them access to Salesforce’s large community of developers, where they can learn and share tips and best practices.

In general, for those who are already working with Salesforce, a Salesforce platform app builder certification certification can help to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and it can help to open up new career opportunities. It’s also a good way to learn new skills and stay up to date with the latest developments on the Salesforce platform.


We have put it all in front of you. Right from the very beginning, we told you that Salesforce platform app builder certification is a great certification to add under your belt. Further, we explained all the components of the certification and helped in clearing the mist of doubts that might have surrounded your mind in regards to whether to opt for the certification or not.

See your needs, get the answers to the questions, and make an informed decision. After all, it’s your career and the choice shall be yours. If you have decided to go for the kill then our course library is always open for your upskill which you can access by clicking here. Our course will beneficial in preparing for Platform App Builder Certification. Until next time stay tuned.


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