Salesforce API Call Limit: One of the best CRM (customer relationship management) platforms is Salesforce. It provides many APIs (application programming interfaces) for easy data sharing, automation, and interaction with other systems.

Salesforce API Call Limit

To preserve platform performance and stability, Salesforce does, however, restrict the use of its APIs. We’ll get into the specifics of the Salesforce API call limit in this blog article, discussing its importance, ramifications, and methods for efficient API administration to guarantee top performance and compliance.

API Limits in Salesforce

API Before using the Salesforce API, permissions must be enabled. An organization’s administrator gives this authorization. This license is automatically included with the Developer Edition. Salesforce supports a variety of APIs, including SOAP, REST, BULK, Streaming, Metadata, and more. There are, therefore, several ways to obtain what you require. 

These APIs are used by several tools that you can use to interface with Salesforce. For a more thorough examination, tools like, for instance, use APIs to extract Salesforce data into Google Sheets, Excel, or BigQuery.  

Overusing the limit on Salesforce’s API requests

How do you make fewer API calls daily than what Salesforce allows?

Updated over a week ago: There is a cap on the total number of API requests that can be made against Salesforce’s servers daily for Salesforce accounts. Calls will be banned until the usage for the previous 24 hours falls below the limit.

Whenever Geckoboard refreshes a widget, it queries Salesforce to find out the most recent version of that report. It takes up to three API calls to complete this polling task. To prevent wasting API calls, Geckoboard caches the data if the same report powers numerous widgets. For instance, we won’t make thirty calls if you have ten widgets driven by the same report.

Does access to APIs come with my Salesforce plan?

To utilize the Salesforce sidebar and sync events to Salesforce, you must have API access included in your Salesforce subscription. To start, please confirm that your plan offers API access. 

API access is included automatically in the Enterprise and Unlimited subscriptions. You must purchase API access as an add-on if you own the Group or Professional editions. Plans from do not provide access to APIs. 

This is how to ascertain which plan you are on.

Lightning for Salesforce: In the upper right corner, select the gear symbol and select Setup.

After navigating to Setup, select Company Settings and Company Information from the Settings menu in the left column. Look for Organization Edition on the right side near the bottom of the page. It will display your strategy.

If you have access to a Group or Professional plan, you must ascertain whether additional API access has been provided to your package by your employer. View the API Requests for the Last 24 Hours. This will show you the most API queries that your plan will permit. Your plan does not include API access if you see nothing about requests made to the API.

If you have access to an API but your events need synchronizing, ensure you’re within your API restrictions. If the amount of API queries you’ve made in the last 24 hours has brought you close to your limit, that may be the cause of the issue. We advise you to turn off open tracking to minimize the amount of API calls.
You can request that your Salesforce admin enable for your instance if your plan includes API access and you are not yet at your maximum.

Salesforce Classic: Click Setup in the top right corner. Next, select Company Profile and then Company Information from the left column. Look for Organization Edition on the right side near the bottom of the page. It will display your strategy.

How can I monitor the Salesforce API consumption I use? 

Checking how much of your Salesforce API has been used over the last 24 hours is made simple by the company. Users can access this data under the Your Salesforce API Usage category in the CRMs and Live Feed settings. 

How can I see the Salesforce API consumption and restrictions for my workspace? (Only administrators) 

From the Admin Settings page, located under the Integrations tab, workspace administrators may monitor the number of Salesforce API calls the entire organization uses.

Administrators can view a sample of the following: 

  • How much of Mixmax’s API quota has been used? 
  • The amount of each API quota that other apps associated with your Salesforce organization have used up. 
  • What portion of their API allowance is left over after the 24-hour period? 
  • A report performed asynchronously can return a list containing up to 2,000 instances of the report.

Limitations of Salesforce’s Reports API

When utilizing Salesforce’s Reports API, there are additional prerequisites and restrictions in addition to your daily API limit.

The most pertinent limitations are highlighted in the list below:

  • Up to 1,200 asynchronous requests can be made by your company in one hour.
  • Only reports with up to 100 fields selected as columns can be processed by the API.
  • It is possible to receive a list of the last 200 reports viewed.
  • There is a 500 synchronous report run limit per hour for your organization.
  • The API supports up to 20 synchronous report run requests at once.
  • A report performed asynchronously can return a list containing up to 2,000 instances of the report.

The findings of an asynchronous report run are provided throughout a rolling 24-hour period.

Up to the first 2,000 report rows are returned by the API. Filters allow you to restrict results. You can include up to 20 custom field filters when a report is run.

Moreover, your report won’t be able to be presented if it is in a joint format. Reports in summary, tabular, and matrix formats are supported.

Monitoring Your API Usage

These tools can help you keep a closer eye on the API limitations and usage inside your organization:

  • The System Overview page in Setup’s API Usage section. 
  • The API Requests, Last 24 Hours item in the Company Information page in Setup’s Organization Detail section. 
  • The usage-based entitlement, API Request Limit per Month, displays your organization’s total number of API calls over 30 days. You can find this information in Setup on the Company Information page. 
  • Data supplied by REST APIs in the Sforce-Limit-Info response header. 
  • Data returned by SOAP APIs in the response body (in API REQUESTS). 
  • The Lightning Platform REST API’s /limits call.

In summary

The Salesforce API call limit is essential to ensure platform efficiency and stability and to give users and applications a flawless experience. Organizations may optimize API usage, reduce the risk of exceeding restrictions, and enhance the value obtained from Salesforce connections and automation by being aware of the consequences of API limits and using proactive measures for efficient API management.

Good API administration will continue to be essential to corporate success in the digital age as long as companies rely on Salesforce as their primary CRM and data management platform.


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