Salesforce is a highly anticipated name in the industry today, especially in the business sector. It is quite a popular topic of discussion on how to increase the profit rates using CRM techniques. Thus, we are here to bring you a complete overview of Salesforce and CRM ecosystem. Moreover, you will learn about different architecture and products available for the users. Make sure to stick to the blog until the very end to have an in-depth understanding of the concepts.

What is Salesforce?


If you are already reading this blog, it means you have the basic idea of Salesforce. However, it’s our duty to give you detailed information about the application. Salesforce is a popular web-based cloud computing platform or environment that is globally known to provide CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services. Also, Salesforce is highly dependable in the case of Software-as-a-Service that helps in managing your various business requirements. We recommend you to read our recent blog on Cloud Service Models.

Users can easily access the platform by visiting and following the designated steps. Moreover, you can easily sell, analyze, service, connect, and market your customers accordingly. Thus, we see a lot of hype of Salesforce in almost every business sector in the market.

There is no doubt in the fact that Salesforce provides you with everything that you need to operate a business. The services are available at any corner of the world that makes this CRM highly effective. Further, users have the privilege of using standard features and other products to improve their relationships with customers. Apart from connecting with customers, you can also manage the employees and partners of the business. Hence, it is a complete package of everything that you can ever ask for.

In case the standard products don’t satisfy your needs, you can even customize them in the later stages. This will enhance the customer’s experience in the long run along with providing better results for the business. Therefore, it decreases the gap of understanding between the service providers and their users. Hence, Salesforce is a combination of different CRM services that generate efficiency and results.

Salesforce Benefits

You must be wondering that what is the need to including Salesforce in your business and will it affect you. We will be mentioning some benefits of Salesforce that you can’t neglect in the industry.

  • You can easily modify and render various services according to your needs.
  • It is a highly flexible platform that can mold to adapt to the requirements of the users.
  • Many multinational companies tend to use its service to increase their profits in the market.

What is CRM?


We have used the term “CRM” a lot of times in the previous section. This creates another question that what actually is CRM. Well, we will discuss everything about the same and give you an overview. First, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a procedure that deals with learning about the exact needs of the customers. It is obvious that a better understanding of customer’s behavior will lead to strong relationships with the company.

Thus, CRM provides a suitable ecosystem for the users to keep a track of every major and minor detail of their customers. Further, you can analyze their interactions that will help in creating a better environment. Some of the techniques used in CRM include gathering internal and external data from social media and other sources. Also, special teams are involved in collaborating on crucial metrics. This further leads to connecting with the customers through email, phone, or other similar methods.

Therefore, it is quite convenient to gather all the details and eventually generate the most effective business strategies. Moreover, it updates according to the current market standards so that you don’t lag in the competition.

CRM Benefits

After you have a clear picture of CRM in your mind, it is time to gather details about some of its benefits.

  • Increase the overall Sales
  • Enhance the Customer Services
  • Generate Potential Customers
  • Gather more Profit from Business
  • Simplified Sales Procedures
  • Better Relationship between Staff & Customers

Salesforce Architecture

As we move further, the Salesforce CRM platform divides into several categories that serve accordingly. The major sectors in Salesforce are,

  • Analytics Cloud Service
  • Sales Cloud Service
  • Data Cloud Service
  • Marketing Cloud Service
  • Service Cloud
  • Collaboration Cloud Service
  • Custom Cloud Service (

We hope that you are now an expert in Salesforce and CRM mechanics, at least for the beginning part. Stay tuned for more blogs that will cover further topics.


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