We have a free one hour session related to Salesforce administration and Development. In this session, we will cover the basics of Salesforce like objects, fields, custom app and lot more. Here is the link to join the free session:

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We will also learn about building a custom app in Salesforce and adding objects and fields to this custom app.If you enjoy the training and loved my teaching style you can enroll in the complete course here at 75% Off

The Saleforce Admin and Developer Training course is for anyone interested in passing the Administrator 201 and Platform Developer 1 Certification exam.This course is a must have, if you want to start your career in Salesforce Domain as a Salesforce Admin or as a Salesforce Developer.
This course is designed for students who are completely new to Salesforce and are looking to get a job in Salesforce Domain. I have covered each section of the Administrator Study Guide and Developer Study guide in-depth, as well as hands-on experience so you can apply the concepts you are learning.
Enroll in the course at 75% off:



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