We have already covered various aspects to increase security within the Salesforce ecosystem. It is mandatory to include a reliable Level of Security to prevent data loss in the organization. Although, you must understand more about the concept of Password Policies in Salesforce. There is no doubt in the fact that a strong password will enhance the overall firewall of the system. But many users are not sure how to begin or don’t know the correct procedure.

Today, our team brings you the complete guide on various Password Policies that can be useful in the long run. We recommend this blog for Salesforce users who want to improve the dependability of their database.

What are Password Policies in Salesforce?

It is pretty obvious that a strong password does a wonderful job in enhancing the overall security of the database. Moreover, any unauthorized user will not be able to hack into the system using third-party tools. Experts prefer following specific guidelines that will help to generate a strong password. This is where the role of Password Policies comes into play. It is a set of rules and regulations that helps to create a secure password.

Password policies in Salesforce

Every organization needs to decide Password Policies in Salesforce that consists of the expiring period and complexity of the password. You can also include special characters and numbers in the password accordingly. We have got multiple setting options that will ensure the strength of the password,

#1 Expiring Password

The user needs to set up a password for their profiles that will stand valid only for some time (usually 30-60 days). Once the period ends, the system will prompt you to change the password. This technique is quite simple but prevents data theft in many cases. Further, you can always try new combinations that will improve security.

#2 Limited Wrong Password Attempts

You must enter the correct username and password to access a particular record or section within Salesforce. However, attempting a wrong password will lead to an error message. The user should only be given a limited number of tries while entering the password. If it doesn’t match with the correct credentials, the profile should be locked.

#3 Reset Password

In case any authorized user forgets the correct password, he can easily reset the credentials. However, the profile should go through a complex algorithm to prove the credibility using OTP or security questions.

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