Our previous blog discussed various details that you need to know about Data Import in Salesforce. There is no doubt in the fact you must know quick and effective ways of data transfer. It will help you conclude better strategies and maintain equilibrium in the Salesforce environment. Today, we are here with another similar blog to define some essential concepts about Data Export in Salesforce. Moreover, exporting data is a necessary part of every Salesforce Project.

What is Data Export in Salesforce?

data export in salesforce

First, we will talk about standard detailing about Data Export that could lead to better opportunities for users. You can easily compile data and export it in your local storage in .csv (Comma Separated Files) format. Salesforce Data Export is an easy method that could be useful to share files across different platforms. Also, some administrators tend to keep a backup of their data for security reasons. Therefore, you can perform a couple of actions to export data from the system.

Salesforce Admins can either manually initiate the process or set an automatic function. Thus, files will be ready as per the schedule mentioned by the user.

How to Export Data in Salesforce?

There are mainly two ways in which you can export data in Salesforce,

Data Loader

Data Loader is an individual client-side application that you can explicitly install in Salesforce. Users can operate the app through the user interface and manage the data accordingly. However, we recommend using the command line instructions for the same as it is more automated. You could set up the schedule for monthly or weekly lists of files with a single click.

Once the system creates the desired CSV files, you will receive an email in your inbox. The email contains the complete description of how to initiate the download process. The Salesforce system doesn’t provide a specific period to export files. Therefore, you can get your email as soon as possible, depending on the file size. If the data is large enough to not fit in a single file, you will get multiple CSV files. Make sure to download the files within 48 hours, as the link will expire for security provisions.

Data Export Wizard

Data Export Wizard is perfect if you prefer a tool that could let you export files directly from the web browser. You can access it through the Setup menu and proceed as per the requirement. It allows you to initiate the export every 6 days (weekly) and 28 days (monthly). Thus, helping you keep a backup of all your files without much effort.

Security Token

It is quite common to see Salesforce users trying to log into the system from third-part IP addresses. The system automatically detects such anomalies and restricts access to the desktop client. You need a particular security token to initiate the login while using devices out of the organization’s range. Security Token is a unique code created by a combination of alphanumeric characters. It is an additional layer of protection after you fill in the correct password for the system. The token is case-sensitive, and you need to be careful while entering it to open APIs. In case you change the primary password, the security token will automatically be updated. Hence, you should not share it with unauthorized users.

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