Salesforce Lightning UI is faster as compared to Classic UI and it shows a improvement in the Salesforce UI.
But the new update on Lightning UI is not just about the speed and the looks. The new Lightning
Platform has lot of new features.

Opportunities Stage Based Interface:

One of the very important feature of Lightning is the new Stage-based interface available in Opportunities object.

  1. Opportunities are arranged by Stage and it also includes the sum of opportunities for that Stage.
  2. Every opportunity is represented in a form of card.
  3. You can easily create a Activity without moving away from this view.
  4. With this new Lightning feature, you can easily toggle between grid view and board view.
  5. You can easily move the opportunity from one stage to another stage.
  6. This new UI alerts sales reps to keep a deal on track.

Opportunity Stage Based Interface Lightning UI features

 Day Interface

Another new feature added to the Lightning UI is the Day interface, which allows sales team to stay focused by checking their results and activities for the day:
The Assistant – Displays updates over the course of the day.
Performance Charts – Displays a user’s sales performance.
You can easily access news regarding the accounts, recent records, and top deals.
Day Interface Lightning UI displays Assitant information and News

Dashboards are interactive and can be more easily managed.

1.Refresh, Edit, Clone, Save, or Delete a Dashboard.
2.View a Component’s Underlying Report.
3.Hover Over Charts to Learn More.

New Notes features include: Below are some of the features that are added to the Notes

  • Rich text formatting (numbered lists and bullet )
  • Auto-save feature is also added
  • Standalone notes are not associated with a record, and
  • You can easily associate a note with any number of records (including those of different types).

I hope this blog post will provide you some  great insights into the new Lightning UI features. Let me know your feedback in the comment section below and also let me know which Lightning feature you love the most.


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