Salesforce is always trying to improve the relations between all the people associated with their community. Trailhead is one of the most prominent ways to get connected with other employees working in the ecosystem. Moreover, it is important for the growth of every person in the community itself. Apart from the current employees, people who aim to be a part of Salesforce can also connect through the Trailhead platform. In other words, you have to show your compatibility with the system if people acknowledge you in the community be getting a Trailhead Badge.
Trailhead has a unique feature to grant badges to the members that depict their skills. Basically, the aim is to distinguish members based on their strengths related to the Salesforce. Trailhead Badge is awarded to the person who completes a specific set of projects or modules. You should have a fine grasp of several aspects of that topic and showcase the same in your work. Hence, we have compiled some of the Most Popular Trailhead Badges 2021 that you can get in Salesforce.

#1 Discover Sales Cloud (Link)

Cloud is the new face of every sector in the market right now. You need to possess some special skills to initiate the Sales Cloud and handle it. therefore, you can grow your business using the technique that is highly recommended for businesses. It will award you with 1000 points as per the recent Trailhead statistics for the beginners.

#2 Optimize Sales Forecasts (Link)

It is very important to know the previous trends in the market to analyze the upcoming results. Salesforce is dependent on predicting outcomes that can affect their sales in the future, therefore getting this badge means you have a good grip over handling these kinds of issues. Further, you can get yourself 2600 points after successfully achieving it.

#3 Slack Integration (Link)

You might be aware of the fact that recently Slack was introduced in the ecosystem of Salesforce. This will have a positive impact on the entire community as it will make things easier for both developers and admins. Therefore you should consider yourself attaining this badge to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

#4 Flow Builder (Link)

The initial steps of the Trailhead badge consist of the basic information regarding the Flow builders. However, as you approach forward, you will understand the functioning of some complex methods to test and distribute Flow builders in the system.

#5 Sell Lighting with Sales Cloud (Link)

This specific badge can take comparatively more time to complete but will pay off every second that you spend over it. This includes all the ways to explain to you how to use the new Salesforces to sell lighting without making much effort. You will also learn how to use Chatter, update your profile, and start collaborating.

#6 Admins with SOQL (Link)

This module is designed to test out your true knowledge regarding the SOQL aspect of Salesforce, especially for Admins. If you are someone who wants to get their hands on the best Trailhead Badge in the community related to apex classes and SQL, this should be your choice.

#7 Einstien Analytics (Link)

Some of you might confuse Einstein Analytics as it is going to be named Tableau CRM in the near future. It is the new face of Salesforce as the new improvements are making their way with every passing update. Therefore, you want to have all the insights related to it.

#8 Admin Advanced (Link)

As the name suggests, this Trailhead Badge will be responsible for getting you in touch with the latest progressions in the Admin section. You can easily learn how to write clean, easy-to-understand formulas for complex use cases along with user interface controls.

#9 Transform Business Using Mobiles (Link)

There is no doubt in the fact that mobiles will soon take over most of the complex procedures. It is important to know how you can grow your business using the mobile and various techniques that will refine your mobile strategy. Make sure to go through the complete process and get information about the major and minor aspects present in it.

#10 Grow Faster with CRM (Link)

Salesforce is entirely based on the CRM tactics that will eventually increase the production and sales in the market. Thus, you should keep yourself ready for any kind of problem that you might face in topics like CRM for Lightning, Marketing Cloud basics, and even Service Cloud basics.
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