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Overview of Platform Developer 1 exam

Platform Developer 1 exam is one of the certification exam to become a Salesforce developer. It tests your knowledge in Salesforce Development and also some parts of out-of-the-box features of Salesforce. Platform Developer 1 exam is divided into multiple sections. Each section has different weightage. Below is the list of topics and also the weightage

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Salesforce Developer Training for Beginners

Are you afraid of coding? Do you feel nervous when you write code? You feel like coding is hard for you? if you are one of them, then join my Course.  This course will take you from a complete beginner in programming to a Salesforce developer. You don’t need to know Java or any other

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What are Lightning web components?

In this blog post we will learn about Lightning Web Components. These days browsers have become so powerful and advance that there is no need for any Javascript libraries. There was time when web developers were dependent heavily on frameworks like JQuery,Angular or React. Similary in case of Salesforce,we had aura frameworks in 2014. In

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